Friday, April 15, 2005


Yesterday was my dad's birthday !
Never distributed sweets for his bday so far in my life except for this time, when he turned 55 yesterday...nothing really changed back at home at i believe when its the other way round over here in the cultural city of MH.

Nothing really changes though it looks like a small drench in the natural shower would give a solid break for the heated up skull and overcooked grey cells.

Anyways, more often than not..... there isnt always a drastic change in the characteristic traits of a person from the past to the present...yet...changes are always welcome as a minute ray of hope that says someday down the line things might improve or take a sudden drift making it all out of ordinary.

its 9.20pm and am about to run to catch my bus to go home.

will write more nexttime its a promise to myself ....promise to my blog too for bearing with this shameless owner who's least bothered about her blog !