Thursday, January 22, 2015

Relax? How?

If there were 1001 ways to relax and calm yourself down, why can't I get hold of one at the time when I most need it?

It is always long after I feel the tightening clutch in my chest, thoughts of mystical refinement occurs.
And by then, I have crossed time for mental meditation or relaxation per se.
So, why then am I learning 1001 ways to relax?

It hurts the most when you love the most - at least that's how it's been with me so far.
At the flick of fingers, you see people driving you up the wall and intrinsically you can't help but explode.

Often, one line of thought races or clashes with another as if to show they are always competing for a winning spot. But, is this is really necessary? I wonder why....such racing at all happens when there is no possibility of winning or dunking into the finish line for a full stop. This is an indefinite space where things don't stop to a formal completion.

Can someone tell me what really matters in one's life?

I don't seem to get it because, at every stage in one's life there's a new goal that matters in that specific time.
Why must life be in such time-boxed sprints that have a certain goal to be achieved?
Why must there be a result for everything, such as a Success and a Failure?
What observation/inference will positively influence the Failure outcome?
Will Successful outcome be repeated the next time? What if it doesn't?
If I am what I define myself to be, I could merely call my Failure as a chance play to know or explore  more about this specific event called "Failure" or "Negative Outcome".

There are a million questions that hover my head constantly, like those little stars that grazes the dark sky at nights. I am unsure of what I am. Mad? Crazy? Useless Thinker? clue.

Can God possibly help me in resolving this puzzle?

I shall wait!