Thursday, October 23, 2008

Growing Up?

Why do we grow-up?

Is it because people want us to be matured?

Is it because there’s an inherent expectation out of every individual as he grows older that there are a bunch of kids from the next generation that often look-up to you and want to regard you as a role model to strive in their lives and set out to achieve their goals?

Why do you stop behaving like a kid after a while?

Why do you stop whining or throwing tantrums for eating an ice-cream or going out for a movie or watching your favorite cartoon?

Why do you stop choosing the best colors that you once loved as a kid?

Why is it that you have to stick to the so-called Decent, Dignified, Decorous and Distinguished form of you although that’s not what you really are or really want from with in?

Why do you stop picking a fight over things like someone using your Pen or Pencil or Eraser?

Why do you stop fighting with a pillow or tugging at each others hair over a period of time after you grow-up?

Is it the Society?
Is it the Status?
Is it Ego?
Is it the Education?
Is it the Job?
Is it the Experience?

Is it the Age?
Is it the so called MATURITY, which forbids each of us from what we are to the other person with time?Most of us don’t do much, to counter this so called time-warp that beats us out of shape from all the virtues of goodness that we possessed as a child and end-up being resigned and stay-put with the offer of being a victim to the nasty Mr. Big-Fat-Fate!

What with this entire growing-up gizmo that’s convoluting into an irresolvable dispute of the mature and immature thoughts teaming-up against each other and setting up a grand stage for a knock-out session…Ha Ha!

There’s a strange design pattern that’s woven intricately inside every grey cell that each head possesses, thanks to the single mechanic sitting in a far-away land driving this so accurately and perfectly in all the human machines flawlessly over zillions of years now. Now, someone said on my journal that the Jewish Carpenter who died at 33 was his favorite hero!

I sometimes feel at the lowest ebb of my world, when I see the ‘childish me’ fighting over the ‘matured me’ at a lot of occasions… and when I am forced to snap-shut the ‘childish me’ hard enough such that she doesn’t re-surface hurts somewhere deep down!

I have more often than not, controlled my real emotions, actual feelings and the true senses from with in and have been someone that I am actually not… Thanks to the “Matured Lot”!!!!

I agree to this day that I have been a lot more than suave on many occasions…..all attributable to the so called “MATURITY” factor!If asking for an extra dosage of “Sweet Candies” or “Lollypops” or “Flying Kites” at the age of 20 odds is coined as immature, I would rather stay that way forever!

Ugghhhhh….To HELL with YA all!!

Monday, October 20, 2008


In one’s life there are always turning points, defining periods, molding times or curing phases. Oddly the best of the incidents and the worst of them all are always remembered by us. This is only because of the impact that incident had caused in our lives and could also be the importance of the person/people involved. It’s us who define what dark periods are and happy ones are. Not so surprisingly, all the happy-endings like participating and winning in events & contents have always stayed on etched to the memory as the cheerful moments, while farewells, last-day celebrations - although named as “celebrations” don’t really make us happy, even while remembered, as they are all conducted with a sole motto of “bidding-adieu” or “sending-off” or “ saying goodbye”.

There used to be a season, in the last part of the final year, of the schools and colleges where the stationeries and notebook stalls had their day of best sales of certain types of Notebooks: Autograph Notes, Scrap Books & Address/Phone Notes. These kept passing between folks of the same batch or different streams but from the same school or college.

Some wrote meaningful notes, filled with heartfelt emotions for their friendship, while some utilized this as the best opportunity to open-up their hearts to the ones that they have been dreaming about privately & secretively, being one-sided of course, which otherwise they wouldn’t have had the guts to talk about. There are also some who for some strange reason wrote undecipherable “Quotes” or “One Liners” and left the owner of the book with split hairs.

Funny and memorable those days were, one could also come across some Stone-Cold-Steve-Austin’s who for the sake of maintaining their hunk-status never indulged in such kind of childish activities like filling their journal books in front of everyone, but funnily and idiotically used one of those harmless-huge-goggled-soft-spoken-studious wisdom turned principles-of-life souls (who almost always came in the package of a batch of students) to get two autograph books signed. Girls, often never questioned such harmless souls for they thought it’s probably one of the guiding principles of such soul’s to keep autographs at an even count.

One such interesting farewell note, which touched my heart, is as written below.

A fountain pen, when filled fully with ink, writes like a dream. Smooth flow, precise width, crisp lines etc. But when the ink is running too low, there’s a lot of atmospheric pressure on the ink inside the barrel and hence the pen leaks as a result of the ink being pushed out, pressurized heavily to come out. The Lines become thick, ink smudges all over the paper and finally everything stops! No more ink!

Relating Story:-
This is exactly the same situation I am in right now, writing this autograph only makes it worse. It’s the sense of inevitability I guess. A smiley. Back then, during the initial years when we had a lot of time to be spent, our friendship (the Pen in the analogy) wrote smoothly, but for the occasional bitter incidents like groupisms, fights, misunderstandings (the bad papers in the analogy). But now, the time is coming to an end or getting over (the Ink in the analogy) lots of things are going astray. This may sound silly. But truth is I felt like I was 4 yrs old again. Clutching on to my mother’s hand and crying because I had to leave her and go to school…but then I had to let go…LOL…It's not me… she let go! Felt bad, angry, sad, etc then. But thinking back, it had to be done, as children should go to school, one cant deny that!... so are friends I guess, cant stay back once the course is over for the sake of studying together all over again!

My favorite song:
Rook Rook Na Na
Jhook Jhook Na Hai
Chal Na Hai Chalte Jana Hai
Jeete To Jeete Hare To Hare
Har Dil Ko Apna Bana Na Hai

The above lyrics aptly sums up the attitude of the best way to look forward to life… “Life Carries On!”

I got this from a friend, “Life is a train journey, stations come and go, new people get in, old ones get off… but the train goes on & never stops for a longer time for anyone...." But what I really didn’t clarify with her was what if my destination is same as yours…. You may call it sarcasm, but it was a genuine doubt of mine! A smiley. Anyways, your motto must be “Happy Go Lucky, Where the Life Goes On….Stopping for None!”

This day, I sincerely wish you "All the very Best" !

Although to some of you it sounds stupid and juvenile, it means a lot to me, coming from one of my best friends, I know what it means especially when you both have traveled the prime years of your life together and are at the end of the long sojourn parting ways!
Cheers to you dude, wherever you are and whatever you do! :=)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Marriage Invite or a Lullaby?

For every love, there’s a heart somewhere to receive it, I found mine,
When my parents decided on a date for our rendezvous,
Where the words spoken, thoughts shared, experiences discussed
Let loose the nervous shiver that crept across the spine,
Giving room for the mind to determine what’s possible
And hence in the midst of my ordinary life came a turning point,
Where the triumph of imagination over intelligence happened
With our utmost permission when we step together at a joint,
Into the Long, Intricate, Intimate, Warm and Welcoming stage of life
Which acquaints us towards a future full of Planning’s, Earning’s and Saving’s,
Topped with Commitments and Promises for a life time
As we know there are hundreds of tiny threads that forms,
The single united one which frames my neck with three unmistakable knots
Indicating the legality of our lives together!
Come join us when we take our owe on the auspicious day for an eternal warranty of living together!