Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New Mom

Okay. Not so new but relatively new considering my baby just turned 6 months. He is so adorable. I love him. There's definitely nothing in this world that can be so soothing and calming than looking at the blissful little angel's smile and his peaceful sleep. I do not forget to thank god for his generosity to bestow upon me with this precious gift. I have no words to describe how hopeless I would have been without him....

All said....now I just dont understand how naughty this little cute-head can get....he is annoying some times...kicking and yelling to catch my attention....always wanting to be held..cuddled..fed..

Keeps me on the go...allllllllllllllllllllllllways....
Cry-1 = Feed
Cry-2 = Clean the soiled diaper
Cry-3 = Time to sleep
Cry-4 = Feed
Cry-5 = Clean the soiled diaper and Take Bath
Cry-6 = Time to sleep
Cry-7 = Needs to play
Cry-8 = Repeat from Cry-1 till Cry-7
and the cycle goes on and on and on.....
How many days has it been since I combed my hair? last week? or was it the week before?
How many months has it been since I took sometime looking into my closet to pick/choose something to wear instead of wearing whatever I could grab at one shot?
How long is the diaper bag going to be the only handbag I gonna be lugging around wherever I go?
Am I gonna shed some weight or not?
When was the last time I ate to the brim?
When was the last time I blogged? - this one's even before he was born... :)

Well...Am I complaining here? of course not....these are thoughts that crosses every (new) mother's mind....when they are living somewhere in between ground and excited state of being a first time mother of a baby!

I am glad in all these 6 months my son decided to take a long nap that rewarded me with time for relishing a glass of strawberry milkshake (homemade - I made) and a quick post on my slowly dying blog....

yeaaaaayyyyyyy....I did it....after all these months...I finally managed to do it!!!!

Okay so a little of me still alive...but kicking feebly maybe......But I am damn sure it'll gain momentum soon and things will be back to form before I knew it....

Tata....Cheers and God Bless!