Wednesday, April 30, 2008

So many Blogs?

Blogs, Blogs everywhere.... Not a single one that's readable .. Ha Ha :-D

I am no master piece.... I am no exception to all those that wriggle, snuggle, struggle & also huddle to one corner holding on tight to the oxford dictionary with sleeves rolled-up to the arms, ears more sharper than ever and eyes more intent & keen to match the action with the word that was being described; everytime the cricket commentator on an old n blurry "Solidaire" B&W TV that relayed more noise than intelligible sound; nevertheless blurted out almost decipherable words like "Magnificent Shot" "Splendorous hit".... "Bangggg - What a swanky shot that was" .....working with the hands much faster to look-up the alphabhet first...then the first syllable, then the actual word....during all these painstaking minutes of manual search, ensuring to repeat the word infinitely in an effort of not forgetting the new heard word.

I learnt what I write today, the hard way. This is no "Speak Your Mind" post that's coming up here....But one can assume that its being conjured-up to justify the very primitive, grammatical and typo error filled posts that one may come across in the oldest of my blogs :)

I never took an effort to go-over and tweak it, cos, this one's like my dairy... I cannot go-about tearing sheets from the diary (if it was one) just cos, I erred spelling-wise or grammatically that it staggered a lot to consider my entry to be passable to stay there. Nor would I go about striking out to make changes to correct the sentences, and in the process loose out on the actual essence of my writing!

So, I wouldn't insult either. Neither the Diary nor the Entry.

See below ........Unfolding the truth about a hard-learner.......that is still waiting to go a long way

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I lost the login credentials of this one, one more outcome of Initial Madness...
Well, for all practical,political and social purposes, the most active and probably the most readable one of the lot That's the Nocturnal Me!

So many blogs and so little time to maintain them all, to be regularly updated...........proved to be a down-right toughest task... Than updating the MPP for my project....
And hence, I decide, on a gleeful note to at least have Mr.Nocturnal, Active ...Live & Kicking!

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Pain is when your emotions
Fail your words and you have no one for your rescue…

Pain is not doing something that you like
Cos of the fright that you may end-up not being liked
for what you do…

Pain is if you are mistook for what you did
And was never given a chance to undo it…

Pain is when you can’t get a real time-machine
To get back to your golden days and stay there forever…

Pain is when whatever good you try to do
Blows-up big on your face every time without
Failing to leave a never fading scar….

Pain is when you look around to find someone
There’s no one in the near vicinity to understand you…

But Pain really is, when you know that the world’s
Holding a lot more people who are suffering more than you in everyway
Yet, you can’t stop yourself from cribbing!

What's the OFFER like?

To get out of things that you were good at is much more difficult than trying to get good at something that’s completely new to you. A darkness more than a no-moon night settles over you during that bad, bad phase where in you got to embark on the fact that, “Hey dude, this is all you got for now, take it and be happy as long as it lasts!”

Well, that said, On a rationally different note, I would stomp my right foot forcefully and cry out loud à “Anything is possible if you really T.R.Y & most of us give-up almost at the verge of getting it, making it all the more easier for our successors, who don’t really have to sweat too hard as they already are treading the beaten but unfinished path.”

I am not the one that quits quite soon. Give-up is something that I hate to do even for the verbal effect of it. But now, giving up differs a lot depending on the circumstances that you are part of or pushed into knowingly or unknowingly, wantonly or not!

There have been a lot of social anomalies identified in the society and system we’re living in; hues & cries about the same from all corners of the country from individuals, group of people, public-serving-organizations or communities creating one hell of a ruckus on and off, in a way dying for a tainted means of acquiring an undying spot on the magazines or newspapers on the current affairs section or on the hot-listed weeklies, trying to sound politically right all the time! (Of course, no more than a zilch logically; but who cares dude?)

Well, what’s all this about anyways… one might ask…with the multitude of problems in the society, community and country wide, I am kind of stuck in deciding on which one to pick first…

Men sneering and jeering at women folks in public places?
Men not giving opportunities to women folks at work places?
Men not treating women folks on par with their mental abilities?

While, these three points would fill one’s plate of argument to the brim, it just doesn’t stop there; there are also repercussions of giving-what-was-asked-for echoing from all corners of the country.

Women folks mocking men at public places?
Women folks going all out on a stampede-mode with men at workplaces?
Women folks not treating the men working with them in the right sense?

Why is always ready to pounce and prey on each other?

I don’t think Adam & Eve would have liked that really, had they seen what was it to a civilized world giving two different genders, featuring specialized capabilities and characters to change the world into a more constructive place to flock to (even for other unknown alien forms of living beings from the other planets) rather than making it more destructive day by day.

I ain’t anyone to change this à la mode that’s laid deep into zillions of minds by now. What I could rather do is to prevent victimizing my future-gen from going through all of these…. But would it really happen?

It may or may not, I am no one to comment on that, but at least I would do my share of it, a very minuscule & molecular effort to clean up the vast ocean spread across the universe.

Did I really make any sense out here, while I was on this post?

I leave it to you reader and would safely assume you prevailing sanity after reading this post to be the proof of sense derived out of this one! :-)