Wednesday, April 30, 2008

So many Blogs?

Blogs, Blogs everywhere.... Not a single one that's readable .. Ha Ha :-D

I am no master piece.... I am no exception to all those that wriggle, snuggle, struggle & also huddle to one corner holding on tight to the oxford dictionary with sleeves rolled-up to the arms, ears more sharper than ever and eyes more intent & keen to match the action with the word that was being described; everytime the cricket commentator on an old n blurry "Solidaire" B&W TV that relayed more noise than intelligible sound; nevertheless blurted out almost decipherable words like "Magnificent Shot" "Splendorous hit".... "Bangggg - What a swanky shot that was" .....working with the hands much faster to look-up the alphabhet first...then the first syllable, then the actual word....during all these painstaking minutes of manual search, ensuring to repeat the word infinitely in an effort of not forgetting the new heard word.

I learnt what I write today, the hard way. This is no "Speak Your Mind" post that's coming up here....But one can assume that its being conjured-up to justify the very primitive, grammatical and typo error filled posts that one may come across in the oldest of my blogs :)

I never took an effort to go-over and tweak it, cos, this one's like my dairy... I cannot go-about tearing sheets from the diary (if it was one) just cos, I erred spelling-wise or grammatically that it staggered a lot to consider my entry to be passable to stay there. Nor would I go about striking out to make changes to correct the sentences, and in the process loose out on the actual essence of my writing!

So, I wouldn't insult either. Neither the Diary nor the Entry.

See below ........Unfolding the truth about a hard-learner.......that is still waiting to go a long way

Well, this one's got coupla good posts....... Alter Ego!
Almost 4 years back, outa college..... Jobless & Useless
I wonder if such a blog existed..... Long Long Ago - Juvenile Days
Oh, well - this one's a recent crap...... More than a Quarter-Life-Crisis :-)
Wanted to try something different, failing miserably at it... Yielding to Craziness
I lost the login credentials of this one, one more outcome of Initial Madness...
Well, for all practical,political and social purposes, the most active and probably the most readable one of the lot That's the Nocturnal Me!

So many blogs and so little time to maintain them all, to be regularly updated...........proved to be a down-right toughest task... Than updating the MPP for my project....
And hence, I decide, on a gleeful note to at least have Mr.Nocturnal, Active ...Live & Kicking!

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