Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hard Bounce

Strange is the way of life!

Just when you don't want the most bothersome thing to happen in your life... "Bang" it lands with that sinister laugh and admonishing looks and threatening voice...
Just when you are seeking that peace in your life..comes something out of the way to curb your priced possession.

I realize after the new found enthusiasm and thrill wares off with time, it's again bouncing back to an infinite phase of boredom and sluggishness.

Being on the go or not being on the go, having an exciting job or not having one, being pregnant or not being pregnant, being so expectant or not being so expectant isn't really contributing anything more to this alluring and evasive maniac in disguise.

I haven't been able to figure out the real reason behind being depressed. It just happens. And it just doesn't leave you alone. The only possible time when you are out of it is the time it takes for a ping-pong ball to hit the ground and bounce back to your hand... In that short window you probably cannot have explored much of the outside world, and even if you did it just takes as much time for you to grow out of its taste and return to where you started...all over again!

It gets inexplicable at times and insanity prevails...

I try hard to remain calm, but fail at the same point every time ....most inadvertently.