Wednesday, December 31, 2008

After 23 Days.....

Ummm, Yeah! It's been 23 days since the wedding bells rang rather very loudly with lots of cheer and a lot more of inviting the people, meeting the people, greeting the people, eating with the people, photographing with the people...Ufff!

The big day finally got over with not many of those extremely hair-splitting or nostril-flaring or ear-burning petty squabbles between distant cousins of the two families or a reunion set stage on a bad-note due to a biased or wrongly done "Will" of an ancestral grand father!

Many unexpected faces..... with a quite a few missing ones though... made the place seem overwhemingly crowdy and noisy!

Why yes, certain not-so-essential things as they came with a tag marked “rudimentary” so as to give it the density that it otherwise would not have deserved on a normal hour of the day, were anticipated to be done in the 11th hour, not that there was someone actively involved in having this plot set, to be blamed for, yet it wasn’t definitely a happy sight to see a single lady managing a handful of too-many-cooks-spoil-the-broth situations in a pandemonium that unveiled itself on the stage that was set for the D-Day!

And then there was too much make-over making one loose their identity to such an extent that, the friends and relatives keep gaping at you for so long that you feel you would rather melt away like a cube of butter dropped into a red-hot pan. So much for the mini-trapeze look alike set as my hair-do for the reception, with bunch of flowers adorning around it, from where the cascade of free-flowing, thick long-hair (artificial of course) was set. When it was over a quarter to 11pm, I was a herculean task to recover my original hair in its original form as in the process I had lost strands and strands of my priced possession - Thanks to those maniacal hairpins & clips that was professionally adorned by my make-up artist!

Resting for about an hour or so, for the auspicious time that was set for the next morning between 5.30am - 7am(for my marriage), I was woken-up by a jerk that shook me wildly in the name of getting me out of sleep as quickly as possible, god bless the soul for I have never in my life reacted so sweetly to anyone who has tried to wake me from my slumberland!

For further details contact my mom.... She could write journals of "Miss Sleepy Sal's Tantrums" with the rich data she possesses!

Blame it on waking up from the wrong side of the bed or the noble-jerk that did the honors ..... I was somber-faced all the while as if I am expecting something dismal to break-out any minute...

Proof: The Photgraphs taken on 8th Dec 2008 between: 5.30am - 9.30am.

I sincerely hope that god for once forgets to bless the moronic photographer who hadn't had the least bit of sense to get the bride smiling or have her hair set right when he was capturing her life's most significant snapshots! Worthless snaps for a fat 25k spent on these shit-heads!

Friends, Colleagues, Friend's Parents, Cousins and Relatives.... meeting them all was one happy thing that happened in those two days if you ask me personally.

The fact that the marital status was changing from a so and so miss to a so and so mrs was in fact pretty strange. I couldnt place it right then..... still cant..... I am used to being Saloni Ramachandiran.... would love to remain that way.... I mean.... ya, now that I am married and all that, does it really call for a change in each and every thing that I was out-n-out used to for the past 26 years of my life.... Don't think so... Few things change yes..... Marital Status.... few other assorted things that goes in as a package along with that one..... but the rest.... the real me? the one that I always was? The silly me? The philly me? The sleepy me? The grouchy me? The whiny me? The tomboyish me? The tantrum-throwing-devilish-mischievous-mostly-witty-partly-nutty me? The snappy me? The sarcastic me? The ever bubbly me? The always-smiling me? The noisy me? The talkative me? The ....... ...... ..... .... ... ... .. .

I do not know, losing the "Single, Virgin" status meant losing some definitions that characterized you as a person, which helped to identify you from a huge crowd! I haven't lost any.... It has only gone to a dormant state..... Hey look this is no altruistic or prudence talk...... Could possibly be tagged as "Matter-of-factly" coming from a Missus if I can endure it!

A Liaison

I didn’t realize until I took a long, passably deliberate look at him on the third day I met him, that he resembled one of my closest friends from college. It was a pleasant shock, that realization… the one you encounter at the verge of an utter disbelief, deceiving your senses for a wee bit, in turn giving room for those skin-tickling goose pimples to rise and fall throughout your body! But definitely one solid fact I came to realize in the recent past about people looking alike is that, they definitely, definitely do not share same characteristics – now, however dumb or not-so-dumb that may sound to you!

Well, it was intriguing somehow for me to share a pleasant acquaintance with this chap, a little older than I am, married for 2 years and no kids, yet young, handsome, friendly, accommodative and most of all “TALKATIVE” – which easily grabs my attention towards a guy!

I don’t really know if it’s true that you cannot be in love with two guys (or girls) at the same period in time. I have not experienced it personally. So to speak, of this person I am talking about, I was very thrilled to know that it was quite easy and smooth for him to handle two ladies, “A wife and A mistress!” he winks and tells me. I was perturbed with his latter reference to a lady although unknown to me, I felt it was unethical.

“How could you classify a lady as “A Mistress” ?... I demanded.

A pause, A scratch of the chin followed by a slow and intentionally thoughtful smile…after all those series of expressions and gesturing he responds peacefully,

“It’s pretty simple. It’s what the lady actually wants to be referred to as. She’s unmarried and doesn’t want to marry me either. But she likes my company and so do I. I asked her to define her relationship with me and I wanted to know if she would like to marry me one day in future or if it was even there in her kitty bag. But she plaintively refused and said that she just wanted to be what-ever she was and is not interested in a nuptial relationship and would be very happy to remain as my mistress and only mine at that!”

He looked up at me from cleaning his mug with hot water at the pantry counter of my bay and unfolds a smile, one of his favorite angelic ones, and asked, “ So, dear lady are you convinced with my explanation for your acquisition of calling the lady ‘A Mistress’ ? ”

He waited for me to respond, while I was lost trying to place his answer somewhere inside the premises of “things-that-make-sense” stacked up at one undetected corner of my grey mass…while he tapped my shoulder and raised his eyebrows gesturing as if to mean if I was “Okay” with the answer he just gave.

I smiled back at him reflectively and said, “It kind of still feels so convoluted to me….that relationship and the naming of it!”

He said, “Dude, it’s a debate between Seeing What You Believe and Believing What You Experience, when you strictly observe the former, I stick to the latter… and that makes the difference between you and me!”

My Transcendental Patience Practice (aka TPP) is definitely not up to the mark!