Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Liaison

I didn’t realize until I took a long, passably deliberate look at him on the third day I met him, that he resembled one of my closest friends from college. It was a pleasant shock, that realization… the one you encounter at the verge of an utter disbelief, deceiving your senses for a wee bit, in turn giving room for those skin-tickling goose pimples to rise and fall throughout your body! But definitely one solid fact I came to realize in the recent past about people looking alike is that, they definitely, definitely do not share same characteristics – now, however dumb or not-so-dumb that may sound to you!

Well, it was intriguing somehow for me to share a pleasant acquaintance with this chap, a little older than I am, married for 2 years and no kids, yet young, handsome, friendly, accommodative and most of all “TALKATIVE” – which easily grabs my attention towards a guy!

I don’t really know if it’s true that you cannot be in love with two guys (or girls) at the same period in time. I have not experienced it personally. So to speak, of this person I am talking about, I was very thrilled to know that it was quite easy and smooth for him to handle two ladies, “A wife and A mistress!” he winks and tells me. I was perturbed with his latter reference to a lady although unknown to me, I felt it was unethical.

“How could you classify a lady as “A Mistress” ?... I demanded.

A pause, A scratch of the chin followed by a slow and intentionally thoughtful smile…after all those series of expressions and gesturing he responds peacefully,

“It’s pretty simple. It’s what the lady actually wants to be referred to as. She’s unmarried and doesn’t want to marry me either. But she likes my company and so do I. I asked her to define her relationship with me and I wanted to know if she would like to marry me one day in future or if it was even there in her kitty bag. But she plaintively refused and said that she just wanted to be what-ever she was and is not interested in a nuptial relationship and would be very happy to remain as my mistress and only mine at that!”

He looked up at me from cleaning his mug with hot water at the pantry counter of my bay and unfolds a smile, one of his favorite angelic ones, and asked, “ So, dear lady are you convinced with my explanation for your acquisition of calling the lady ‘A Mistress’ ? ”

He waited for me to respond, while I was lost trying to place his answer somewhere inside the premises of “things-that-make-sense” stacked up at one undetected corner of my grey mass…while he tapped my shoulder and raised his eyebrows gesturing as if to mean if I was “Okay” with the answer he just gave.

I smiled back at him reflectively and said, “It kind of still feels so convoluted to me….that relationship and the naming of it!”

He said, “Dude, it’s a debate between Seeing What You Believe and Believing What You Experience, when you strictly observe the former, I stick to the latter… and that makes the difference between you and me!”

My Transcendental Patience Practice (aka TPP) is definitely not up to the mark!

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