Saturday, May 17, 2008

On an Orkut's Section.....

That very section on the Orkut's profile sounded very intriguing to me in some strange yet relatable manner. Umm....indeed it's even insightful over a couple of rereads on some of my friends profiles.... if you know what I mean! :-)

It need not necessarily match the person's real personality or attitude, for all you know it may just be a classy set of words scrambled-up together to give that check-it-out-dude kinda effect!

Having said that, it's not quite uncommon to see people writing at length of the things in their heart illustrating their real & current statuses of their lives in a public forum such as this, and that which is decidedly prone to be viewed by anyone and everyone around the world.

Consciously or not, clicks on that personal tab and couple of scrolls down the screen to get to that very section has become a kind of obsession so to speak. You probably aren't really upto anything here by checking that section out, nor do you want to make sure that the person isn't too swamped already in that area, yet it could just be that silly, moronic & juvenile instincts getting the better of your wisdom everytime and pushing you into it!

It rather amazes me if the founder of this site would have practically given so much of thought-process going into it, when the bulb-of-invention glowed above his head, pushing him about creating this small section on Orkut called "Things I learnt from my previous Relationships"

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