Sunday, May 18, 2008

Work Vs Rating

It's always difficult to gauge things from the way they look like, for one, there is the clichéd “looks always deceive” factor and the other and most significant part of it being, there is a lot of room being left open to fit into that tiny space much suitably with sometimes ridiculous and mostly incredible things upon perceptions, premeditated convictions, conceptualization of things based on past experiences and/or views emanating from sordid philosophy.

Conversely, its oblivion though to what extent of truth is held in the context container, to help feed the hunger struck and needy bunch strayed across the space that always got the pessimist side of the container, frowning scornfully always to complain about the minimum or exhaustible contents held in the container.

Mulling over the same subject, I had this time a not-so-transitory thought fleeting across my mind which rings; Do those hopeless things which were the ceremonial farewell outcome of the innumerous insomniac nights spent jabbing away endlessly and overstretching the brains more than its elasticity could have allowed for, teach me something new? A lesson to learn from?

I was as good as dead, when I first heard it as it left me shattered and next to nothing.
Was that all to it, for so much of me and my semi-human cum zombie friend who used to take in all that I gave without protesting and heard all those swear words and curses patiently, yet helping me finish the job no matter however late it was!

----- Picked up from my diary.

This entry was made the same night after I got a 3 rating for the work I did in the year 2004-2005.

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