Friday, August 8, 2008

Hard Habits!

There’s this guy that I know of for quite sometime now that constantly reminds me of an elderly person whom I know personally for a long time, probably, ever since I was conscious of relations.

Both of them are so dangerously identical that they both take no effort in bugging me, pissing me off relentlessly.

I maybe doing a wrong thing in writing this up making a fool out of myself when read by someone I know so damn well that they would easily make things out as to who I am referring to here.

But then what am I to do when I’ve got no one to crib to about this?

I remember someone not so old, but definitely wiser than I am, told me that a blog can come to one’s rescue as a handy tool for venting out frustration free of cost!

Although the purpose of writing, the degree of intensity in the content rendered, the objective of the umbrage intended in the context and the target audience for the verbal outrage and much more greatly varies from person to person and is purely a circumstantial one at it; the odds of it being true are purely factual.

The purpose of writing is to inflate weak ideas, make ones reasoning abilities more murky and inhibit the amount of clarity and clairvoyance one has, was again said by someone that I don’t even seem to remember….

With a little practice writing can be an intimidating and impenetrable fog says the other…unable to name the unnamed…..

Now coming back to the point, both these men that I am talking about here are extremely identical with not a shred of difference in continually failing to keeping up their promises.

Especially when I never ask for a promise and they choose to do it so voluntarily and finally end up making me look like a fool for having believed their yet another
make-believe story of a so-called “Promise”

It’s always better to know things at the first strike rather than making the other person assume, attach and associate good tags to your name and in the end let everything shatter into a mass of nothingness.

With expectations comes every damned disgruntle and displeasure that would blow up the entire conviction.

Knowing things before is always better than knowing them at the time of crisis – I keep repeating this to both the men, but, why …Why on earth would they pay heed to my words now, they haven’t trained doing it anytime before ?

Anyways so I decide that I’m too tired after countless repetitions of the same advices over and over again, several iterations of the same; greater than the repetitive occurrences. I shrug and I give up.

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