Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Rebelliously Non-Rebel

A story from one of my friends........said in my words......

Some people just don’t change. No matter how much ever one tries to knock some sense into their jammed head that comprises of a pea-sized brain which had stopped functioning effectively – god knows since when!

This very thing is applicable for X who has been insistently decided upon religiously following every other onlooker’s advises and paying heed to their remarks which are mostly negative and had tenaciously determined to being dragged along all directions in the sole pursuit of happiness. End result; a lot of money wasted, a lot of time wasted, a lot of energy resources wasted ensuing in nothing fruitful but for a series of maniacal and maddening wrangles with her two teenage daughters and her husband by raising trivial distinctions and objections leading to unsolvable quibbles. Then starts a series of sophomoric wailing by each of the ladies in the home demeaning themselves to an abysmal degree which includes calling out names subsequently followed by the disdainful suicidal threats and unsuccessful attempts; all of which adding more to the already gloomy disposition of the entire family!

X had always been the dependent one on other clan members, right from her childhood. She was just a kid then; when it all started, all those stealthy pampering and wooing she was doused with, by all her siblings and parents. She was barely 3 when she lost her father being the last of the 6 children their parents attributed to, it was not much of an impact on her as she was still enticed with all the goodies that she got from the rest of her family.

It was not the destiny that had it the way she is today, I strongly believe it’s their family that had her cast the way she was and still is. Left alone, she could have turned into a strong-like-stone and cold-as-ice woman rather then being dwindled across!

It’s not her mistake that she has turned out to be a pain-in-the-wrong-place for the very own clan members who once cajoled and spoiled her since her childhood. Little bit of a foresight could have been resourceful back then but it just did not strike any one when they were overwhelmed by her innocence and ignorance which they took to be puerile nature of a usual last born of large families.

But then things never changed drastically even after her marriage which came close to becoming a disaster more then twice already with in the first few years of their matrimonial entwining – All due to monetary issues, now that’s almost like global problem isn’t it?

X's husband lost his job soon after their marriage and post getting her pregnant twice for the two daughters they possess today. First it was the fight for getting pregnant, then it was for a male clan with the expectation as a symbol of reinforcement of an extended family tree for the generations to come and when it did not happen for the second time too, they had already had enough of it and had even gone to the extent of selling off their second baby girl in the disguise of adoption for a lump sum amount; pity the poverty stricken X.

When that did not happen due to the wistful interference of X's siblings, (thank god the girl remains intact with her parents till date!) they had to let go of any such absurdities in the name of bright-ideas to chase-out-poverty. Since then for nearly 24 long years her family had been supported by her siblings on all occasions ensuring that she didn’t miss anything that’s quintessential and mandatory need for successful running of the family-wheel.

Clothes, Books, Jewels, Currency and many more material needs were taken care of all these years by hook or crook, by tears or cheers, by blase or haste! At the end of every such episode she smiled teary eyed, and that’s just all her brothers and sisters wanted to see always in her, that happy and contented smile. She was nice, indeed very indebted to all those who helped her whenever she was in trouble (and trouble always chased her around like a shadow!) and that made her all the more nicer topping it to her predominant naïve-ness.

What surprises me till date is the tirelessness of X and the undying creativity of her husband. There were a variety of folk tales (mostly non-existent) her husband had consistently conjured up till date all of them reasoning a single moral; a successful married life lay in the hands of a woman, who must stand-up against all odds of financial, mental and other indescribable physical ailments and yet must come out in flying colors with a whopping victory, which X did with-out fail for all these twenty four years being a dutiful & devoted wife!

Somehow none of these had staunched X from loving her husband and being thankful to god for having gifted with such a wonderful heart that cares for her and for her well-being.

The embryonic hatred that had grown over the years in her daughters begged them to be different from their mom in all aspects, which both the kids did try to the best of their knowledge until very recently; when her first daughter fell prey to the so-called
Arranged-Marriage-Saga set-up by the relatives of a deprived parents, moved her slowly to start asking for essential things as take-away from home for starting-up a married life, which eventually turned out to be an ostentatious and unruly demands by the time the wedding bells rang this morning finally!!!

Something to be detested for life taught and recited many times over since childhood… “Do not depend on any one for anything!!”.. all turning into futile efforts; All that was to be hated and disliked have now been inherited directly from a mother, with in no time by a daughter, who was fighting to be a rebel and wished as a last thing to be like her mother, X– Reborn, I sighed and shut-off the thoughts……

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