Sunday, May 18, 2008


I am fat, ugly, rounded and oversized. But does that make me a negative person? Hell, no!

It is a plague. It gets all over you before you realize it, and bang it’s already too late. You are completely drenched in it choking to get outa it, but there’s no way out; it’s like a panic room. Unless you know the pass code you just remain there locked up all your life till your senses fail you. With all doors blocked leaving the little chances of your getting out to the external world; You are boomed!

It starts off on a high-note. Takes you to a different plight altogether, a feeling that’s inexplicable, a feeling that’s heavenly, a feeling that secludes you from the outside world, a feeling that leaves you isolated and obsolete. It’s like a slow diffusing killer poison, however when it starts you are on a lofty pedestal soaring high superciliously having no bother about your direction, the red alerts you get inside your head are brushed aside and you keep elevating, the feeling is like that of a slow, long, silky, smooth and eternal drag of a cigar and when you are done your body loosens up, you feel dizzy, the world around you is on a whirl, your eyes see no more of the reality, they see no more of where you must actually belong, they keep egging on your dizziness to take you into a land of clandestine.

And then the ugly plague takes over, insomnia is your everlasting buddy, you seek no humans, you seek no living beings around you, the emotions that touched your life are farther away and you don’t feel the need of it anymore. And it’s not over yet!

You swell with bitter thoughts lingering all over your mind, there’s no escape, no matter how hard you push them away they keep coming back to you. Negativity then is just an understatement. You become a certified pessimist and get branded for the same. Sadism finds refuge in your heart, you welcome it with no second thoughts, perverse thoughts and insane ideas keep tugging at you to drag you on to their side, the more you kick them away they only jump a few feet away to get cloned more in number of their own clan and continue tugging at you from all directions.....

You are then susceptible to those condensed concoction of voluminous cynicism dripping over your head drenching you head-to-feet until you are soaked and contaminated with the contagious disease successfully.

Truth is even the most transient and avaricious stricture like your looks could kill the residual acumen enhancing your faculty of senses could get a different picture when you lock yourself up in a dark room void of electricity and try to justify that you are in a “DARK WORLD”!

I wish I could whisper into her ears “Snap out it sweetheart, before the monster strikes you to death!”

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