Thursday, October 23, 2008

Growing Up?

Why do we grow-up?

Is it because people want us to be matured?

Is it because there’s an inherent expectation out of every individual as he grows older that there are a bunch of kids from the next generation that often look-up to you and want to regard you as a role model to strive in their lives and set out to achieve their goals?

Why do you stop behaving like a kid after a while?

Why do you stop whining or throwing tantrums for eating an ice-cream or going out for a movie or watching your favorite cartoon?

Why do you stop choosing the best colors that you once loved as a kid?

Why is it that you have to stick to the so-called Decent, Dignified, Decorous and Distinguished form of you although that’s not what you really are or really want from with in?

Why do you stop picking a fight over things like someone using your Pen or Pencil or Eraser?

Why do you stop fighting with a pillow or tugging at each others hair over a period of time after you grow-up?

Is it the Society?
Is it the Status?
Is it Ego?
Is it the Education?
Is it the Job?
Is it the Experience?

Is it the Age?
Is it the so called MATURITY, which forbids each of us from what we are to the other person with time?Most of us don’t do much, to counter this so called time-warp that beats us out of shape from all the virtues of goodness that we possessed as a child and end-up being resigned and stay-put with the offer of being a victim to the nasty Mr. Big-Fat-Fate!

What with this entire growing-up gizmo that’s convoluting into an irresolvable dispute of the mature and immature thoughts teaming-up against each other and setting up a grand stage for a knock-out session…Ha Ha!

There’s a strange design pattern that’s woven intricately inside every grey cell that each head possesses, thanks to the single mechanic sitting in a far-away land driving this so accurately and perfectly in all the human machines flawlessly over zillions of years now. Now, someone said on my journal that the Jewish Carpenter who died at 33 was his favorite hero!

I sometimes feel at the lowest ebb of my world, when I see the ‘childish me’ fighting over the ‘matured me’ at a lot of occasions… and when I am forced to snap-shut the ‘childish me’ hard enough such that she doesn’t re-surface hurts somewhere deep down!

I have more often than not, controlled my real emotions, actual feelings and the true senses from with in and have been someone that I am actually not… Thanks to the “Matured Lot”!!!!

I agree to this day that I have been a lot more than suave on many occasions…..all attributable to the so called “MATURITY” factor!If asking for an extra dosage of “Sweet Candies” or “Lollypops” or “Flying Kites” at the age of 20 odds is coined as immature, I would rather stay that way forever!

Ugghhhhh….To HELL with YA all!!

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