Thursday, November 4, 2004

Ego Problems(with the Egos)

We would never change!

Both U and ME

This is basically because we donot want to give up on what we think,what we know,what we decide and what we do.Having done things its not an easy task to back-track and re-iterate them to get a better result.Reasons could be manyfold,but the basic and major one could be as u pointed out the 3 lettered big word E.G.O.

Which according to me is an acronym for the following....

Exceptionally Generous Obsession (EGO) - with and about oneself.

To each to their own...very true in that case there is no need for advice-seeking or counselling during the periods of probs and tribulations.

one-two-one-two-one two ...hand wash system..quick wash is the best sought after washing technique today....and i guess this applies to not just CLOTHES but to the PEOPLE too :D:D

Instant staining and Quick washing ....
when the former refers to the friendships/relationships made as fast as the click of the fingers latter is the proof of its credibility,durability and elasticity and in terms of PL its called the scope of the code...which unfortunately in most cases seem to be very short.

My washing machine's teaching me a lot of lessons lately,its technique which as per the manufacturer is "A Sixth Sense Technology - Whitest White Clean"
It senses the errors automatically as its been programmed to do so and tells the operator what the problem the water filled in is not sufficient or the outlet pipe is not alligned to ground level or its overloaded or the detergent added is less so on and so forth...Quite an extended bit of luxury to the already lazy crowd...but its good that theres no verbatim or physical damage involved even if the operator does some just quietly displays the error on the digital screen and prompts the user in a soft way as to what should be done next ..

see now it beeped in to tell me that i havent filled in enuff water....that makes things very very simple dont u think?! letting out the needs and expectations for the work to be done would resolve a lot of egoistic disputes and mental games....
Clear cut approach from both sides :-)

India is as usual putting up a poor show at the 4th test match as well,even after successfully losing the series and the cup they dont seem to be facing any threat to their unshakable & unfathomable attitude of "We loose to everyone with out any partiallity"

Anyways kumble just took a wicket at this very second of me writing this shameful words about my own home country........

Hmm...what to do?? machine finished washing the second load of clothes successfully for the day...My snowwwwyyyy bestest !!!!!!!! :-)

I did "namakaranam" to my washing machine this morning and decided to call it as "snowy"....Brick bat'ters and Sound spit'ters are requested to maintain distance...

so where was i ?
ya...One of the oldest truth is that "Truth Hurts" ..i used to wonder if that was why it was called as truth just bcos it always hurts...yet another story of which came first the egg or the chick !

It is as true as this oldest truth that ...Truth when tried to kept at a distance or covered-up for self-convenience gives just the opposite result !
The more u runaway from truth the more it confronts u wherever u go...well for once if u start persuing it or atleast do a decent try i guess it quickly learns its boundaries and stays there with out blocking your way in life with things..

I cannot be more clearer than that cos i am as much confused a character as u think u r !

So donot ask for more explanations and get a truck load of lies in return...

The truth has its original value only when its uttered once...u repeat a truth a million times it becomes a lie in the end...

Running away from truth for once makes u repeat the same every time ur confronted with the same eventually u turn out to be a fugitive much less a convict or a sinner.

So there again u be what u r and the result is likewise.

Obviously if u donot make any conscious efforts to be recognised as a PERSON with so & so feelings and emotions and sentiments there will be no reference to the same to your name apparently because only a proper input can give an equally legible output...
As simple as that...


Sample Values:Though we might have come across this theorem a lot of times in life when it comes to practical application of the same to our problems we go mind-blank or Brain-dead !
Which is bcos of the pressure exerted upon us during the problem times that our normal thought processing is disturbed and deviated a lot from its actual orbit and so theres a jingle-mingle of things
Proof: To prove this theorem we seek the help of Yoga Advisory Board which at the time of our stress and pressure instructs us to - "Do pranayamam" which is nothing but the preliminary,Basic Breathing exercise.
Sit on the floor & if not floor on ur chair but make sure that u Sit Erect,Take a deep Breath....then inhale O2 and exhale CO2 for half-a-dozen times.
That would let the fresh oxygen to surge through your brain cells and would eventually invoke all ur dead/inactive/sleeping cells and wud make u think about the entire problem from the beginning till the end step-by-step and thus u get to figure the exact point where things started going wrong or where it went now u know the solution is simple !

Hence the theorem that "EVERY COMPLEX PROBLEM HAS A SIMPLE SOLUTION" is proved to be true with all the assumptions and sample values remaining true.

I donot know where to place it,but it definitely needs a place to be put in to, so that it gets its right identification...but the use of identification remains unworthy as long as the right person fails to acknowledge or overlooks its presence in the end leading things to a mere "time-wasting-tactic"

But thats not something new to human life...more than half the things that i did all my life were left unnoticed or unacknowledged or simply forgotten although acknowledged.

And come to think of it, its boring to feel bad for the same reasons all thru the life so i tend to get over the "Small- disappointments"....saying that tiny things are better to be left as tiny as they are, instead of, beating the drums and wasting all the useful energy over it trying to attain a simple recognition.

One good word makes a lot of difference to things to Anyone and I am no exception!

I have no co-ordination between my brain and my mouth is the latest comment that i got about myself...could be very true.... but its better to be that way instead of laying all that u really have on ur mind in a bottle with an air tight cork and rest it in a corner of ur that when the actual time comes u can make the best of its use in puncturing the other persons self-esteem !

well what could be best other than finding an outlet to drain all ur flaws & shortcomings?

find a channel - Anger
fine tune it to get the exact signal - outpour of words

Pure satisfaction at the result of having successfully upset the other person's mood !

Way to go !

Let the great work continue all over the world so that all gets to feel the chip on their shoulders.

And so Bitterness continues...

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