Thursday, July 14, 2005

Disruptive Creativity

Like Poles Repel…Unlike poles attract…..

Disruptive creativity has become the latest fashion of getting to learn things.Everyone of us has a predictable order to his life...We get up in the morning, brush our teeth, break fast, work, dine and sleep to repeat the same routine again...Routine is the word...Human beings (at least most) hate change and love predictability, safety, hence the routine...corporations have evolved their own notion of routine in the name of efficiency...Job descriptions, hiring and firing policies..
Although on the other hand, the constant hues & cries raised by the inner self fuelling up the burning desire to break free – To see a drastic change from a dull mundane sickening life to a life of a valor – an exotic life with a phenomenal blend of bravery and , its quite a controversy at that point when 2 ends meet,Umm..No wonder they choose to remain asymptotic!
A freak is a guy who cannot be predicted. A mad man has no logic...Logic can be predicted hence freaks are equivalent to mad men??...Maybe.. But i guess we call that sort of madness creativity...So creativity is all about being unpredictable!!....So simple!So what we can do to be creative is to break free of all semblance of routine, in other words, logic...Breaking free also has a spiritual connotation..Science relies on hard logic...Hence scientists may claim that there is no God because there is no proof that He exists. No logic to the claim that He exists...So believers have to be seek out form to an incomprehensible non existent form.....So by default, believers are creative people...........To sum it...break free of the traditional mould, climb out of the well, lose yourself in that incomprehensible vacuum of thoughts that are void of ordered structure.

To be free and in the process find thy liberation...

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