Thursday, October 21, 2004

Splash Lovers & their Reasons to do so...

In my opinion, where I call myself a teetotaler and stand by it till-date, I commonly find three reasons for men (or should I say one?! With the increasing number of females taking to drinks these days equalizing the ratio with their male counterparts!) to fall into habitual drinking.
The first and the foremost being, the need to keep up family standards and expectations; the second and equally significant, the peer pressure (from family or something that’s parallel to it) leading to controlled addiction; and the last but not the least, the inane belief that it would help forget failures.
If one has 100 regrets at the age of 25 he would definitely have a 100 more by the age of 50.So do not let compunctions or guilt traps shadow your life, unveil your real self by getting out of the darkening doom clouding over you and try to get a new episode of your life.
Instead, people seeking instant remedies to their prolonged tribulations, which by itself is a highly unreasonable thing in all aspects, choose to cease the last drop of their hang-ups, giving way to the first of their hang-overs.
The reasons are manifold, but the result is one.
You are a drunkard and there’s no better intonation to that!
There are few that cares more about the expenditure made than about the reputation or the shame that’s involved.
However being conscious about the thickness of your wallet would only make you
thick-skinned on top of being fallacious!
And what a great decision it would prove to be in the end that you do get to enjoy the privileges of drinking and its associated funs and are still patting yourself for not contributing to the expenses there by making sure that your wallet size remains healthy! This conscious effort on the day of initiation effectively means that there wouldn’t be any new needless expenditure - neither in the way of indulging yourself, nor in treating your drink-table buddies.
101 reasons to get yourself drunk and blame it on the circumstances, situations, company and worst of all “FATE”!
It looks like the very reason for the existence of that four-lettered word is to make things very expedient and most reasonable to those that intensely love the ‘magic potion’.

Yet again, as much as the craze for the magical drink prevails, the fear of ill reputation for being branded as liquor-lover or a drunkard remains too.
There are a bunch out there w
ho starts out in the beginning as 'giving company' and later on grow up to become trend setters!
Company is again an important factor that influences an individual in reconsidering his tee totalistic – attitude that he might have saved up till date. A dubious company and working night shifts is a perfect combo to be a best stage for all the first timers to get their life started out in the fluid-world!
There’s this always ever-manipulative logic that serves good as a rationalization for the beginners who are wooed by their friends seemingly to ease the tension but actually to partner in the crime.
Succumbing to the gentle woos by your friends as apposed to the peer pressure - what more can be a much comfortable and easy option?
Obviously with great delight that the last witness of your first crime was also taken care of, you would start off to attend your needs of thirst!

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