Thursday, October 21, 2004

Whats a DoodleBoard ?

Should one consider it a shame if he/she doesn’t know what a doodle board means?

Well in that case...someone sometime ago didn’t know what LOL meant ?! now shouldn’t that be a shame too ??
Knowledge is a flexible medium, which can be expanded depending on an individual’s private interest.
If I am enthused by a new argot, its left to me and my personal curiosity to know more about it right?
Then Why should it be the latest topic of mockery among people, when the prior-informed sect figure what they know is not known by the other less-informed person?
Funny how some conveniently forget that they are not gifted with the powers to know the anatomy of every moving,non-moving,crawling,mutated,visible and invisible things under the sun and as a matter of fact, what they think they know is not even a hand-full!

So…what’s the big deal now?
Yes I didn’t know what a doodle board meant…or what was it used for quite sometime ago!
Ignorance is a common error at all the levels..

Errors can always be corrected.

DoodleBoard – the original free board services allows visitors to leave messages and even pictures on your site without the hassle of forums, and yet have lots of fun with different sets of smilies. DoodleBoard works on the concept of client side messaging system and was developed for all serious bloggers of the internet community, with only one aim in mind - The freedom to express and the ability to keep in touch.

Is this all it is?
That just would have taken an one line explanation instead of the10 minutes of ridiculing!

Why, yes…noone learns from others mistakes…they always do from their own!

So now am I enlightened with a nimbus around my head JUST because I now posess the knowledge about THE DOODLEBOARD????

Funnyyyy…very very very Funny !!

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