Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Neither Here Nor There...!

Sometimes we find ourselves fluctuating a lot from the decision out of a situation to be made because of the significance of the ‘state of affairs’ grounded on the circumstances there by swaying and flickering from the right decision to be made on a justifiable note.

Always remember the balance when ur in the shoes of a judge…otherwise be true and remind urself constantly not to take the post of the judge when u cant get urself into being unbiased towards the subject and the case.

Graceful degradation is where all of us are heading to…. there’s no constant or consistent things to be doted upon or trusted with. There’s nothing that’s long standing and worthy of our unconditional belief.

Skepticism has become quintessential in everything and everyone.
And apparently all prefer to be a skeptic than to be an optimistic and loose hold of options in life.
In a world of hypocrites no ones ready for a confrontation.

Everybody seems to be running away from it plainly cos every one of us are guilty being a part of the ultimate crime in one-way or the other.
One wouldn’t want to row with someone cos of the personal fear of humiliation he may have to undergo by the verbal attack of his counterpart !

And disgrace and ignominy is something that’s proscribed in the tamed, civilized and educated society of today.

“U be a don but still be unknown to the mundane and that gives u more respect and value for what u are” is how people of late seem to be training their minds with.

And today this is one of the widespread reasons why most of the relationships remain dilapidated even before conforming its full effectiveness to the parties involved.
But then speaking out does solve things as said earlier by all those great souls who had seen, felt and by experience faced a lot of decrepit miseries all their lives.

Well well, whos who to say what’s what here ?
One may want to speak out to feel good but one may want to stay shut to be happy and feel good bout themselves.
Either way its better that one takes sometime with the intriguing questions that occur to them now and then.

Trying to get as creative, imaginative and wild as one can get one must take both the stands for those questions that often make us wonder and try to be a judge of our own things.
Taking time is one important factor…nothing happens accidentally!
Each happening is a planned event!

Making the best out of the plan is always what one expects, for expectation is one main factor that stands proof for many things to happen and it’s the pivot around which the events occur making things happen and ultimately giving it a false shade called “accident”!
No use lamenting for the loss for its obvious that u lose when u are at a game of gamble where the probabilities of ur winning is scanty!
So what would u do??
But how true can u be in redefining having just recovered from the fatal accident ?
The tenacity and the doggedness to redefine urself in an all-new-dimension must be more than equivalent to the one that led u to the accident….
Because recovery always takes more time than injury!
And when ur willing to recover u do it fully without taking any chances cos when u take chances it more or less means that ur preparing urself yet again for a more deadly accident this time !

It’s the state of ur mind that must decide where ur trudging on seek what and how to go about achieving it
Every wrong goal would setoff a list of wrong measures eventually making the little leftover rights to be turned wrong in the process of wrong doing and wrong thinking.

U work on what u think…and when u think something wrong it ends up wrongly..

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