Friday, August 19, 2005

Gawky Life!

I’ve always wondered what these four words had in common with them that they constantly made me feel that they belong to the same family interwoven in a discreet way which made them sometimes inseparable to put in a more appropriate manner.
“Obsession – Love – Liking – Addiction”
Why is one addicted to someone/something?
Why is one obsessed with someone/something?
Can you say it’s because they like/love that someone/something so much to an extent of overdose that it becomes an inevitable/indispensable part of their life sooner or later with out their applying any deliberate effort for the same…

What I name as obsession can be named as love by someone but the same can be named as addiction by the third person & the fourth can brush it aside calling it as infatuation which for all its alternate meaning can again be taken as liking someone/something blindly!

Now what does blindly mean?

Unconditional, uncontrollable, unidentifiable and unperturbed sense of belonging/being close to that someone whom you believe would keep you happy, by giving you the best that you see in them and be there for you forever!
Come to think of it…its all about how you perceive things that come your way. If you say its positive ions they are positive and their affinity increases every time you see them.

But when you push them off saying they are negative they do turn out to be negative and will in turn increase the aversion for the same!

Lucifereous fiend is what you turn out to be when you get neck deep into that cesspool of obsession or mania…like what i am about HP without any reason or meaning attached to it !


ColdFire said...

where in the world is masharashka or watever you are calling it?

Saloni Ramachandiran said...

Heard about Bombay in INDIA?
Well Maharashtra is the State holding that booming city "Bombay" in India!
for further details pls go back to ur own blog and check out the comments on the same post of urs where i gave the answer for ur riddle/puzzle or whatever...