Thursday, August 11, 2005

Rising Insanity

it was 12.00 am when 7th of August had just begun...and it was time for me to call up my bestfriend since school time & wish her happy birthday!

It was more of an extempore idea that came across my mind when i was ringing her up..that i blurted out "Hey today is ur birthday right?...i hope its not tomm is it?" and that got her totally off-gaurd, yet as shrewd as she always is...she gathered instantly to reply back "oh yeah? actually it'z yesterday!" - then she cooled herself down and told me that "No one in my life had so far wished me this way on my birthday .. i am too shocked at the rate at which your r proving to be extraordinarily brilliant with your exceptional ways of doing the most basic things "

And i being I... gleefully said "thank u, thank u!" what can i say for the rising insanity in me oflate...

Expect more from "Me"


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