Sunday, April 22, 2007

Nice Anomaly

I can’t believe Ms. Libra actually had a longest possible argument and a serious squabble with one of her closest buddies sometime ago on a phrase which sounded pretty much close to an Oxymoron.

The phrase in subject that led to a serious discussion between them being “Nice Anomaly”

Well, the source of this phrase dates back to November – 2006 when, She had to point out a defective scenario in her project-work and drafted an arm-length email to her manager, for which her manager responds back saying, “It’s a Nice Anomaly”.

Exactly, here’s where it all started….

Ms.Libra tried to reason why it’s an Oxymoron.

Mr.Scorpio would not agree that it’s an Oxymoron and he had his own sweet reasons justifying his stand.

When it gets to an argument both Scorpio and Libra are pretty much bent-up on winning over the other and each of both, prove to be very crotchety, about the other one not accepting their way of throwing some light on things inclined to their perceptions which each assume to be the near perfect one.

Libra’s way of looking at it:-
An anomaly is an abnormality or a malfunction or a defective or faulty behavior.
How something that’s defective can be nice?
How something that’s faulty can look or sound nice?
How something that’s wrong can be nice?
Here are the following oxymoron’s that substantiate Libra’s point
Awfully Pretty
Almost Ready
Terribly Nice
Well… here goes a classic one … “No Comments!”

Scorp’s way of looking at it:-
An anomaly is something abnormal yes, but it also means irregularity or a difference.
Something that’s irregular need not have to be defective. Similarly, something that’s different need not have to be defective or malfunctioning.
Anomaly can be thought of as a strange happening….an unusual behavior.
Think about this example…
Someone having 6 fingers…doesn’t make them defective or flawed, instead it makes them different from the rest of the world and probably a unique one at it!

Well, that makes sense too… but shouldn’t decisions always be based on the statistical data or on the basis of an opinion poll?

Can we say there are no clear statistics to support either result as a norm?

Well, that’s a tough question to provide an affirmative with a 100% endorsement.

Dictionary references are below….

Anomaly:- a deviation from the common rule, type, arrangement, or form.

Nice:- pleasing; agreeable; delightful, amiably pleasant: a nice visit.

Based on the above meanings provided, we can assume a “Speculative Inference”*** as follows:-

"An Anomaly, Which is a deviation from the common rule or form, can also be pleasing or pleasant or delightful or NICE."

Thus, a “Nice Anomaly” cannot really qualify to be an Oxymoron, but it doesn’t fully endure to be thought of or considered otherwise, is what Ms. Libra feels.

Now, The Scorp being a true Scorp will not agree to this…

But the truth is no-one really knows if a “Nice Anomaly” is an oxymoron or not!

Although many seem to be saying “No” with not much of supporting evidence to rationalize their argument….Our Ms.Libra isn’t really up to believing it for some strong intuitive feeling that she has towards this phrase.

Hail the manager who came-up with this and ask him what he feels!

And the argument continues……………..



P.S: *** "Speculative Inference" also qualitifes to be an oxymoron!!
subject to discussion, Conditions Apply..........

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