Monday, April 9, 2007

What’s the STATUS?

After a long break I wish to pen-down my thoughts that had been randomly strewn across my grey cells for sometime now.
Wanted to name this article/post/scribble whatever you wish to call it as “Corporate Crap”, but airing it publicly on that name would probably make it look like a raw wound being rubbed-in rigorously with salt.
With a deep sigh, a loud “anyways & big deal” and a quick shrug of my shoulders…. I set out for this write-ur-heart out (no-) contest competing all alone, shredding even the last strand of trepidation curling over-my-forehead in the name of sweat-beads ……

What happens when two most frustrated souls meet each other over a cup of the most insipid coffee, one would ever get to taste…..”$%#$%#%$%$ Dooom-Daasshh-Duffff !@#$% **&%^$%#%#$#$@#%%@$” – Well, those were various forms of vexation taking the phonetic means of enunciation, and that piece of text enclosed in quotes, is probably what would have appeared in those chat-dialogue boxes that usually appear over the person or character in the scene, that we get to read in our childhood comics if at all this short story would ever be made a comic.

Well, this time around I don’t have a counterpart to talk this one out, so I decided to print it on papers.

My Monday morning 9am begins with the following and my Friday evening 11pm ends with the following, trying to follow my highness’s orders for the day to complete my tasks assigned for the day which includes multi-tasking, parallel processing, conscientious and diligent output, robust performance and last but never the least, high-quality and timely delivery of the product.

Did you do this?
Did you do that?
Was this updated?
Was that updated?
When will this be done?
This needs to be completed by today, end of day can this be done?
How much more to go?
Do you think this can be done?
A status check every five minutes once is way too much to abide by…. With the bunch of above listed questions tossed at a maddening frequency making me go berserk!!

And that leaves me at crackers!!!!!!! guhhh!!!!! Darrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrn…… Give meeeeee a breaaaaaakkk!!

Wanted to scream at my supervisor left-right-n-center for not having given me an inch space to move around, breathe-out … [Well, breathe-in at my ease even for that matter!]

After sweating it out in front of my PC and reading the incomprehensible defect description over a million times now in my defect logs….“Nobody understands!!” – I put my hands up and with a dull, given-up-nod I blurt out in a desperate measure to knock some sense into my boss’s head who gives me prolonged, but of absolutely no-use lectures on “How to Effectively Resolve Issues”. Just so I know, it was a futile effort into a deaf man’s ears!

I was getting sick and tired of this indefinite-listen-only syndrome that was getting to the levels of a malignant disease which would eat me alive one day.

I have to do something, which I know is not the right thing to do, only because my supervisor wouldn’t understand that one always got to choose the best over the worst.
And come to think of it, I have been doing this almost always and I just didn’t feel like doing it all over again. I loathed myself for NOT being able to be in a position which demanded power and which MADE me do something that I felt was right, rather than listening to bullshit and doing the same in my work all the time.

I was thoroughly exacerbated! This is it!! I decide, I give up, Lock my computer pick my handbag and walk down to the parking lot. Once there, I was busy kick-starting my bike as I always do, but this time at a single go with all the anger and frustration piled up at the kicking feet and with one of those powerful strokes of mine, I even succeed at it, thus, waking my vehicle to a loud & roaring life!

I drove like a maniac... with out paying attention to any of the traffic signals that were on... and eventually ended up getting caught by a traffic cop! I paid the fine for not following the traffic rules and at that; I suddenly realized that I was supposed to send the updates to my onsite…..Holy cow! I returned back to office... BACK to SQUARE one... telling my nosy supervisor that I had just been out for a coffee break....

What a whacko life one’s gotta live?!

I tell you dude, Alls not-well that never-ends-well!!!!!

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