Thursday, August 9, 2007

Chat Conversation!

A Chat Conversation on Intranet Exchange Messaging Service:
(To the uninitiated:- The only privilege that software companies offer in the name of entertainment to talk to folks of the same firm)

She: What are you doing?

He: Working...

She: :S:S:S... What joke a??

He: No, I am serious..If I dont work I will be sacked!

She: thu! I didnt mean that!!

He: then...what?

She: I meant, why didn't you ping me since morning?

He (doh, no, not again!): oh... that..well...err... I was stuck in a team meeting since morning.

She: Dont Lie!! I saw your status was not even shown as away! You were very much at ur desk!

He(thinking fast): oh, is that so, know what? of late everyone's been complaining abt the same thing! That I am shown online all the time... Tht's like even after I am out of office. something must be wrong with the messenger pa..

She (thoughtfully): oh is that so? Hmm... Na kuda nee yennamo yenna avoid panriyonnu nenechen!
(Translation: I thought maybe you were avoiding me!)

He(with a sigh of relief) : cha-cha, why will I do that da?

She(a little embarrassed): Um.. seri seri, poi velaya paru!
(Translation: Um...ok ok, go and do your work)

He (Adhathana di senjittu irrunden): ???!!!!!


TLW said...

why is my mind reading something more into this conversation ;-)

Saloni Ramachandiran said...

Don't the read the more I say!!!
:-) :P

Ra.Ge said...

Reminds me of the Sprite "phir kya hoga?" ads.

Saloni Ramachandiran said... hehe! thanks :D