Sunday, February 10, 2008

What is a friendship worth?

Is it worth listening to the rumblings
of jealousy born from resentment
of the closeness shared?

Is it worth turning a blind
eye to the glee of that
surround us at the first sign
of dispute and disagreement?

Is it worth ignoring
the speed with which others,
in their frenzied need to denigrate,
hurry to add to our uncertainties?

Is it worth that
benefit of doubt that we
can extend to our enemy
but not to our closest friends?

Is it worth allow the insecurities
that dwell inside to emerge
and tear at the fabric of
love that has been woven in your heart?

Is it worth leaving the memories
of shared dreams and moments behind
on a field of angry words,
thoughts and actions?

Is it worth an unforgiving
heart that refuses to hear
another’s cries and will not
allow for human fragilities?

Is it worth the stubborn
pride that keeps us from
admitting we might have been
wrong or might not have understood?

Is it worth hardening
your sweet soul to the
pleas for understanding
from someone who once
shared your thoughts and emotions
on a daily basis?

Is it worth giving up
that part of you that you
once gave freely and with
love to another?

Is it worth forgetting
all the good in favor
of the bad?

Is it worth
the tears of God as He
mourns the anger inside
our hearts?

If friendship is worth so little,
then was it truly friendship?

Hmmmm.... True, Very true indeed. That got me thinking to all those silly squabbles I have been having endlessly with my best of buddies, hurting them badly!

My sincere apologies to all my Acquaintances, Friends, Not-So-Good Friends, Not-So-Bad-Friends, Good Friends, Closest & Best Friends.... for hurting you all at some point in life due to my mad temperament!


Anonymous said...

atleast mine is worth for a mail or two per year :)... hope u r doing well and remember me...-- Naveen (HSBC)

Saloni Ramachandiran said...

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Naveeenn!!!!!

Of course I remember you sir, By the way I did email you but never got a response back....At least look out for an email from Saloni that might probably have landed in your Spam or Trash Bin by now... ;)

Life's hectic.. Still with the same 'ol eCHAMPS but new BU... Very much in India and Slogging as a TL... nothing more, Rest is history :)

Take Care,
Pls do drop an email!