Sunday, March 15, 2009

Where Art Thou?

There weren’t any veiled notions,
In my heart, the pedestal of emotions…!
It could hold no more sweet words,
For it was tripping and falling backwards….
It could not embrace the unbridled passion,
For the love that was greedily consumed….
It could not withstand the will to cease,
For the life that was lived; not with ease…
It could not handle anymore white lies,
For the words of yesterday remain as blues…
It could not witness the grand parade,
For the chariots of love have gone askew…
It could no longer wish to be on Neptune,
For my life is soaked in volumes of misfortune…
It could not set things right in its reign,
For all those efforts of the past were in vein…
I die not, until I make my stand clear,
Where art thou? Am waiting to hear….

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