Sunday, March 8, 2009

The You in Me!

Insanity healed the black spot in my heart
Was it a drill or a chisel that drove deep with an iron hammer?
I wouldn’t know; maybe it was both; taking turns,
Clearing the leaks, I slithered through soft tendons…
There it is: the full spot; its presence like, swirls of smoke disappearing into the sky.
It was worth seeing the spirit of my uncontrollable desire
Like the fine edge of the sword to unfurl from its sheath
A novice that I was, still taking lessons from the school of hearts
I only know what is gone, is lost now and what I had is mine no more.
The veil I wore; coined for so long and so wrong - as hypocrite,
Concealed the brandings of my embarrassing nakedness
For me, any other attire meant a disgrace to my existence.
Through love I tasted the fortitude of my life.
Curing one, it yielded another incurable pain.
The agonizing heat of love burned my heart cruelly,

Quite soon, before I could hold it firm...
And there like a smoldering fire, it withered away to ashes
Withstanding the pain it left behind;
All I had were the scars, for all the years to follow...
That pains not the external flesh but the internal heart!

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