Monday, April 6, 2009


“I was once again hit by the maddening curse that has reared its ugly head again and, considering all my pain and suffering, how it makes me laugh hysterically, but then this girl in her rags at the traffic signal surely enough beats me to it....savor me!
damn you, damn you, for sucking my fun away...the dragon inside my head wants to unleash roaring and spitting out fire relentlessly - no voice of plea's of the heart seem to be having an effect on this predator who has invaded my brain neurons inch by inch...the marauder had turned his deaf ears to my appeals and was headstrong in burning me to ashes. I was helpless, I find all doors ahead of me closed, I have no one around to help me out of this mad abduction by a seething, furious demon.”


I snap-shut the blaring alarm without willing to even get my head out of the covers.
This is probably the 8th time I am having the same dream, which stopped abruptly at the same place on all 8 times when I had it.

I am now trying to figure out what it means. What could it possibly mean to the aggravating emptiness in my life of late and the lack of happiness as a whole, losing the touch of a fulfillment factor to serve the purpose of life?

There’s everything but there’s nothing.
So many things and so little happiness.
It’s like you are in an ocean and are looking for purified/clean water to drink!

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