Monday, April 6, 2009


The month of September-08 had been eventful for me. Both in professional and personal terms. Personally because end of September meant just two more months left with me before I turn into a Missus from a Miss status. But then life was never always the same with whatever people had to do in their profession. Such is the providence of life.

On a not so emotional note, and on a lighter vein, when I happened to check my salary credited for this month online, I was shocked to see my salary credited twice in to my account. Check this snapshot below, for those that dont believe my words and have that smug smile on their face reading this.......

For a crazy second, the monster inside my head let out that villainous laugh, elated with the site of the extra “$$$$” materialized into my otherwise unexciting and lean salary account.
Just when I was getting myself soaking with the momentary visual pleasure, to my utter disbelief, I saw the page getting reloaded/refreshed on its own only to show the new transaction item as a Debit of the extra salary that was mistakenly credited for the second time into my account!

Dohh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So much for a momentary cloud-nine experience :-P

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