Saturday, August 15, 2009

Why "HER" ?

I am surprised how one can so easily get on to a total-surrender mode with another without having any expectations in return.
Being a feminist this thought somehow bothered me to a great extent. For someone that believes that things work as per Newton’s third law viz,
“Every Action Must Have An Equal and Opposite Reaction.”
An Absolute-Surrenderundum seems to be a perfect place to be…….
“No Sire! Not me!”
I don’t venture into one’s private zone unless I am forced to do so on exceptional scenarios that would go something like those peeping-toms bad-mouthing my personal and private life for some reason or the other.
Yes, like all other super-hyper-reactive creatures on this planet earth, I get instigated too, when such prying eyes keep snooping about my life with their probing ears and intrusively long nose that keeps dangling and sniffing about for spicy and juicy hot gossips of someone’s personal life or for that matter mine. Isn’t that an absolutely terrific thing to do for these insolent souls! So very MATURE!
But trust me when I say there are such creatures that scythes, gnaws , sucks all the juice out of this small mole of an useless information in an effort to construct mountain out of it, will even store the residual crap in the refrigerator for future use.
Anyways, coming back to the capitulation mode, speaking of which always reminds me that we are in the 21st century and I always thought this was not expected of anyone in this latest stage of a multi-civilization eras that man has come-across so far!
Phew…. Pretty sad that even after ages of “Sathi” being eradicated, we still see male species egg-on the females to adhere to and abide by the blind sighted (and in a way unwritten too) laws that loosely relates to the ancient past of the “Sathi” days.
What troubles me the most is the female species being demeaned to such an extent that as if their mere existence is an unacceptable crime or similar such.
That is completely ridiculous! What these deriding morons fail to understand is, the raison d'ĂȘtre behind their male-chauvinistic-piggish behavior today wouldn’t have been possible if not for a FEMALE species that engulfed all the pains and let him crawl in this wide world. I am seething with anger that my words are failing here, hence I am no more expressive.


BRAD said... you are the best....nice to see u seething with anger...and if such blogs come out in ur anger I would want it more...but no I am not an MCP...I want you to be happy and peaceful...just a common mans wish

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