Sunday, August 16, 2009

Spill the Beans

In a form of social organization in which Man is the supreme authority in the family and descendants are strictly reckoned in the male lines alone, hailing from places where men always had the authority over women and children of the family, you can’t expect any better than a right-winger to be countering on your arguments of girls taking to modernism. By modernism one need not necessarily mean taking to western-ways in maintaining a lifestyle and personality; but it could precisely be just about being themselves in spewing out profanities when they are angered or roused. I have always been sassy, slightly irreverent and fearless in making fun of everyone, even if it means in a little harsher way, including myself. Of course, that doesn’t make me a loathsome deriding pervert of the worst order, not even close!
And this is not necessarily because I am actively keeping my radars on to display my witticism to the general public, but it’s also a way of identifying myself in a big crowd or something like a Unique Selling Point that I have to relate to the “real me”.
Now, after having lived for quite sometime in this backdrop, a strange melodramatic question pops inside my head…. “Am I tired of this compulsive audacity?”
Of course, with all my consciousness including all those last-minute-ditch-efforts
Well, No way… not at all, I would rather say pretty loud, sound and clear that,
"I never seek confrontation on my own, but when it comes I won't shy away from it."

Honestly speaking, in some way or the other, most of us don’t welcome confrontation with a happy face. And I am no God here, nor do I beg to differ! :-)

This could probably be one of the reasons I creep under my sheets and start jabbing away endlessly at my keyboard. Or do I?

Although writing is therapeutic for I am most of the times so very boorish about the columns on my blog, I do feel that it’s an act of amplifying my voice to an extent of exclusiveness of its own kind.

I really don’t care about my target audience here. I don’t even want to be heard.

All I want is the right to express, if I may say so – Just so you know – Mr.Bugger!
I don't remember anyone suggesting profanities are purely gender specific in some strange and twisted uncomprehensive manner to be uttered & muttered only in the mouths of the
MALE COMMUNITY!!!.........

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