Sunday, October 11, 2009


I see all around me, people with problems. For a fair good reason that includes me as well, just like everyone else who would fall under this universal set.


Problems of varied shape, size and bearing…it surely is a vicious circle that never come to an end. Nope – Not even close!

Work related problems, family problems, relationship problems, financial problems, the ones with your lousy and loud neighbor and the ones that you have with a jammed window scroll of your car.

There’s always something to be unhappy about. That hot-seat called “problem” in one’s heart never seems to be unoccupied or empty. Sometimes the intensity of these problems goes higher up to such an extent that it takes serious toll on your mind, body, heart and soul. And inevitably you find yourself welcoming insomnia into your life slowly but steadily.

I don’t know if there’s anyone capable enough to answer the question – “Why do we have problems in life?”

And if I am to say I learned to face problems from the problematic but I am still learning how to handle these problems that would probably make me Half-Gibran. :)
No kidding, I really am fascinated by his words when he said “I have learned silence from the talkative, toleration from the intolerant, and kindness from the unkind; yet strange, I am ungrateful to these teachers.”
Isn’t that so true to all of us, A crisis is what leads to a new experience and a learning in turn. Doesn’t it mean that problems are in a way a medium for you to understand the way of life?
Problems are always closely associated with every little event/incident/happening in one’s day to day life.
Running away from them is going to make you weaker and despaired keeping you as far away as possible from being Strong and Resolute.
The intensity of a problem gets real and big as a blown-up balloon when the knights of responsibility knock your doorstep at the hour of need. And that’s where most of us fail radically. I still stick to “most of us” usage here as I've heard of people who have endured, proven and shown the grit to fight life's shortcomings and sustain the lassitude and weariness it offers many a times.
Fact states; the impoverished and destitute lot have more problems than middle or high class society. It’s about survival and sustenance. But, they don’t seem to give-up on their problems easily. If they had, then the world would have had to handle a lot of deaths (of all the poor and under privileged population) or a perfect paradise where everything is just so right for everyone and no one even knows what “A problem” is.
If you cannot handle a day’s chores when your mother is down with sickness, how would you manage things when she’s not going to be around forever?
And that is just one domestic problem that everyone who’s unduly dependant on someone will have to face, when the bleakness of reality hits hard & purple on your face some day.

Undoubtedly, there are millions of such day-day problems that needs to be faced, absorbed and resolved with grace; not to forget that you must keep your sleeves rolled-up to face similar combat(s) every dusk and dawn.

And then obviously, there are people that don’t want to do anything with their problems, neither welcome it, nor push them away. They just sleep with them as though they are your pillows of comfort and end-up being super self-indulgent and austere about things.
These can be people who are not happy in their relationships, people forced into long distance relationship for no fault of theirs, people who are forced into divorce, people who long for love, people with financial commitments, people with burdens, people being cheated, people being forced to do what they don’t want to, people with unsupportive parents, people who are so lonely, so on and so forth.
It is a rarity of character that is found in very few people who handle crisis situations without falling apart.

Evidently the key lies in believing that “this would pass” and that things would take better turn during the course of time’s tide.
But, it’s the wait that kills many. We just don’t have that persistence many a times as we are gifted with 6th sense and we humans believe only in the happy format of the life. One exceptional or erroneous scenario “boom” we go losing it all…

Even smallest act leading to an event that ends up being a sweet memory counts during the time of crisis, to collect yourself and lead you with determination and willpower.

It counts for the fact that someone cares about you…
It counts for the fact that someone down there needs you..
It counts for the fact that someone down there trusts you..
And it definitely counts for the fact that someone down there loves you!