Monday, February 9, 2009

Easy Living?

What can you suggest as a simple solution to an easy living??

Easy living? What’s easy living....what kind of living is easy on this earth?

You want people to talk to you...but sometimes you don’t want them to talk to you and would like to be left alone all by yourself?!

You want people to spend some valuable time with you...but when they actually come down to spend some good time with you...You are no more interested or you are just-about over and done with your time-out session.

So where or how the hell does it seem easy ?

It’s fucking complicated all over...and you are not a perfect soul to turn everything into gold and make miracles happen at the click of your fingers or with the flick of your illusionary-magical-wand; oh come on! Give it a break…. This aint any fantasy drama!

Often, when you are down to the core, drenched with frustration and even more of them surfacing newly like those pearls of water particles dripping from the end-ringlets of your freshly showered hair…You think, think and rethink... All you can figure-out is that....At the end of it all.....You can’t crib , You can’t complain...nor can you run down in the dumps seeking solace....because you are just one of those cheap-attention-seeking-social-animal; being keenly watched upon by many bunches of never closing eyes...who are always ready to pounce on you with their caustic comments or witty wisecracks making you the clown of the crowd and then you have a so called fucking status, a grade to maintain, and not-to-mention a self-esteem not worth a penny to uphold for, so you just stay there all smiles being splashed away with sugarcoated, subtle remarks often doused with a paroxysm of sarcasm!

yeah, yeah sure......why not....after stomping well enough on all your emotions and feelings which forms the fulcrum of your life...You can sure as-hell do so much more to maintain all the external extravaganza that would add more value to your communal crap life !

Well, what’s my botheration after all, I being the I, that I am, for the past 26 years now…I am not REALLY used to keeping quiet…I am used to making a lot of noise… A lot more of noise when things aren’t going the way it actually is supposed to…the noise turning into a racket or tantrum all the more possibly when there isn’t a positive response for my yelling!

Yeah… Yelling and Screaming and making a lot of noise is my way of taking out my anger….. Do you have a problem with that dude? I don’t care if you do… Coz, if you did, you are free to go screw yourself royally or otherwise!

...Speaking of facts, once can’t really be saying such things or gesturing about with the renowned finger all the times; it certainly cannot be considered sophisticated when we are to deal (clean-up?!) the fruit-smelling-pleasant-looking load of high-class erudite and cultured shit.

I only cringe at being left at such a situation where in I can’t utter the most needed, most apt word, ya obviously for known reasons of the kind of people one is forced to deal with....and I find myself at such kind of fixation...and am helpless to retrieve myself and get back to the normal mode….coz, “Cringing is bad for health, It’s probably worse than caffeine, and you don’t even know!” - Habitually, both my palms go right up to shut my ears as tight as they could from these warning bells of the inner me!

I'll tell long as something’s clean and would be valued...anything ambiguous is a disheveled mass of junk…A piece of cat-crap beautifully sitting on the fresh plate of your dining table on your breakfast, on a brilliantly bright morning!

Awwww!!!! Someone said “TAKE IT EASY”..........Nothings EASY dude!!!!

Nothing’s ever a piece of cake, it’s always a piece of shit that you always chase around and wipe it clean to get the small-buck lying beneath it. And hey, look are you trying to tell me that's coined as "hard-work"????

Every darn thing has its own goddamned complexity to drive people crazy or get them out of their senses, all of a sudden!
Now, who can help if your taste runs down to chrome and plastic...and forget the essence of actual deal behind this lucrative business?
Well, to me chrome and plastic means – materials… being materialistic isn’t a very bad thing to do as all of us for some strange reason are happy only through material means, good food, good clothes & good shelter… one of those or two of those…sometimes even all of those…!

And talking about business, why yes of course, Life is a business….if it possesses all the busyness that would keep it going….why not??

Ya...........IF it gets to that....I WUD MAKE SURE TO PAY MY SHARE!

A probable bait for the EASY-LIVING fish that I am looking out for?

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