Monday, June 25, 2007

Attitude determines the Altitude!

As I woke-up for the music of rain, which came in from the rain water splashing on the asbestos sheet that was laid beside the corridor that’s no more than an extended shed for parking the vehicles in front of my present home. Wow! What a wonderful change of weather thats gotta be after those hot & fuming sunny days!

Groggily, I got up and stepped out into my veranda to take a peek of street which was already buzzling with activities of the morning crowd and traffic, amidst that heavy downpour.

It was first of the month and the milk-man of our colony was standing a minute or two longer in front of each of his customers’ house ringing his bicycle bell harder and louder so as to imply that it was his Pay-Day!

Wives, mothers and maids of Businessmen, Software professionals, Teachers, Doctors of the colony were having a tough time to catch hold of the milk bowl, the umbrella and also the money that needs to be paid for the milk-man. Although it was not a sight to be laughed at, but it was quite funny to look at each of their expressions in trying to save themselves from getting drenched, getting dirty with the mud & dirt on the road, and also trying to save the milk from the rain water.

It was my mom’s turn too to perform the same custom, lucky her she dragged me along to hold the umbrella for her. And so, with the last quota of the day's yawning leaving my mouth, I went down with my mom to do the needful. She paid him some 1000 bucks which included two 500 rupee notes and some change.

The milk man hurriedly took the money and stuffed it in his jacket pocket, when from no where there was a wind that whisked his rain-cap off his head…. Poor thing, he hooked his bicycle in its stand and then ran to pick his cap up and wore it back on this head and gave me a contented smile, in the event totally missing out on the two 500 rupee notes, he received from my mom, that just fell-off his jacket pocket when he bent down.

Off he went without even taking a second look at the place, when I had to run to pick up the money from the mud, wipe it as cleaner as it could get with my wet hands and yelled at the top of my voice to catch his attention. Startled, he halted and turned around giving me a confused & questioning expression on his face.

Puffing and gasping for breath I ran up to him to give his 1000 bucks and told him what had happened. Even in that rain, I could see his eyes glistening and getting moist with overwhelming emotions of gratitude.

He thanked me and told that I had saved him that money which would be the school fees of his youngest daughter. I felt happy for the good deed and the good rain that led to this little sweet instance that I cherish till date.


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