Friday, June 29, 2007

Spam, Spammer, Spammest!

Now this sucks!

I haven’t been doing any online purchases or taking any online surveys or anything online for that matter that demands my yahoo email id, which is more of a private and personal email id of mine which I would like to maintain in a formal way.
But these net goons somehow succeed with their hoaxes in successfully implanting those “sick-at-subject”, “nerve-racking”, “unbelievably-agonizing”, “fairly-spooky” SPAM emails onto my innocent inbox!

Well, after reading the instructions over and over again for nearly half an hour, about how to classify an email as a Spam, and what happens to the emails that are marked as Spam, I chose to do that on those weedy emails that kept pestering me for a really long time; which I gathered was because of those online purchases that I did in U.S early this year.

Unfortunately, these mails kept returning to my inbox after a while……with those big bold irritating subject lines that read “Confirm your Free IPod Nanos, Free Plasma TVs, and what nots?!”

Repeatedly, I kept marking these mails and many such mails as SPAM, only to receive them as always, a couple of days later. I couldn’t a figure a way out of these SPAMMERS, when none of my friends complained of such a bad experience with yahoo!

Wondering if I was doing something wrong, I checked my SPAM email settings, only to see the following information made available to me promptly!

For messages SpamGuard identifies as Spam:
check-box:1 Immediately delete these messages upon receipt. (Note: If you choose this option, you will not be able to review the messages before they are deleted.)

Mark Spam + Not Spam
When I mark a message as Spam, in addition to deleting the message:
check-box:2 Add the sender's email address to my blocked addresses list.

In both the cases mentioned above, the check-boxs' have been selected, yet to my surprise I keep receiving spam emails in my inbox while my bulk folder remains naively empty!

Grrr…….. Why the heck is this happening to Saloni’s email id…????

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TLW said...

Compromises are done everywhere and especially in the email world - its bad out there !!!

Many heroes have emerged but none have succeeded. The world is waiting for a anti-spam crusader....Wld u be the one ?? :-)))