Thursday, June 14, 2007

Fundamental Flaw

It’s such a strange feeling that cannot really happen to everyone, but yes, there are a few that go through this purely because they are highly emotional in character and a wee bit sentimental about the relationships that they fall into and realize with a sudden stupor, the sad demise of their relationship one fine morning, which had been leisurely falling apart for a while now, even without their knowledge.

Is this because the parties involved are quite careless about the way the relationship is getting molded to or is it because they never really wanted it to take a shape in their life making them get entangled with its surrogate mother (of all problems) called Long-Term-Relationship (aka)“Marriage”.

Even the most passionate lovers, go through a phase where they get to see their relationships getting shattered to pieces right in front of their eyes, yet they are so helpless about it. Call it some kind of disability, affliction or even chicken-heartedness, but this has for some reason, (to be more specific of late) become the ground rule for all those relationships that go “unknown” or “unnamed” or “non-existent” with the course of time.

I really don’t want to take a gender bias here. But as I have always seen and experienced through the closest of my buddies, in 76% of these cases the girls’ turnout to be pure hypocrites. Believe me I am a feminist and yet I am here to blare-out this blunt truth to everyone and anyone who would read this.

That said, now is it true that;

“The more passionate a relationship is the more prone it is to falter?”

“Why does a relationship fade off or at the least get tainted with time, didn’t someone say it’s the other way round?”

“Does this mean the relationship itself is not a right one to be christened as one of those flawless, soothing, blissful bonds between two sexes?”

The superciliousness with which people get into a relationship is the culprit I would say as that’s the reason why two souls that couldn’t be separated at one point of time are desperate to get-away at any cost after a while. While its easier to blame it all on the pompous couple, its not just that which takes the credit to create this disgruntle amongst the pair.

Demanding physical intimacy and/or sexual needs are other reasons why the relationship touches both the peak and dip of the bell-curve with a click of fingers.

Two complete strangers having extremely distinct thought processes and unique success factors and exclusive achievement criteria set for their lives, meet each other. The initial attraction takes all that’s required to keep them busy in knowing more about the other person and it’s a sweet jog with no sweat at C/O Paradise, cloud-nine, heaven’s colony, world of sweet intoxication.

The next level comes in as a harbinger of the erosion that has already began showing its gory face, in the name of “Misunderstandings” of both minor and major class. The intimacy between the two starts diminishing, with exchange of arrogant dialogues slowly resulting in contorted faces and the finally loathing to even looking at each other’s face at one stage, when the saturation point is reached and there’s no more flexibility or elasticity left in the band of life. The spectrum ends there with a massive full stop in the highest font, bold and underlined in red.

Papers Signed and Exchanged…

Court Orders Declared…

Physical freeness accomplished…

But mentally stuck in deep-shit of the past-life….


The life’s curtain is drawn before them with a dreadful laugh!


TLW said...

Individual desires, wants and aspirations.

It changes with time for every individual...In a relationship, most often ppl probaby feel after a while their needs and desires are solely not theirs alone ,but entwined with another ones'...and suddenly it becomes a fight for freedom :-) !!!

or is it really? may the one who knows be blessed !

Saloni Ramachandiran said...

@TLW: Time... Yes, Time has always proved to be an excellent healer of the pains, even of the highest order.... But time is also a factor to welcome change... So, I always wonder, if its the time or the change that comes with the time which causes the relationship to fall apart or at least that unwelcome change in the relationship?!