Thursday, June 14, 2007

Dad and Determination!

Around 2.30pm last afternoon, I kicked my bike to life and sped past all the noon-time share-autowalas and other traffic in a mad-rush to reach home as fast as I could, reason being; My dad was heading back to Chennai after his 5 days stay with us in Hyderabad since Saturday morning.

This is habitual now for almost an year ever since my family shifted to Hyderabad (with the exception of my dad of course) sometime in June 06.

For some reason this time round, my entire family was pretty sentimental about my dad leaving. We have all been asking him to stay with us forever; calling quits to his year long residual service, but in vain. With 40 long years of experience as one of the most sincere and dutiful Government Officers working day-in and day-out, without failing a wee bit in his daily contractual obligations and responsibilities; my dad has seen his worst and the best his career and life could offer him.

He is a man of supreme character possessing a noble and kind heart, which, he always extends towards the fellow human beings. I haven’t heard him saying “NO” to anyone for any favor that he has been asked for. He is an epitome of hard work and a quintessential living example of dedication and devotion blended with loyalty towards his work.

Honestly, it gives me goose-bumps if I start admiring his dedication towards his work and his thrive to keep going at it even after all these years. Where as I, with, close to 3 years of work-life in software industry feel as if I am over-n-done with this crappity-crap of a worrisome and annoying work environment, with obvious occupational hazards like :

  • Endlessly jabbing at the key-board in a monotonous way.
  • Staring at the bland tri-colored monitor with teary eyes.
  • Blabber mouthing the same organizational bullshit over and over again.
  • Mentoring the new team members with the same run-of-the-mill code.
  • Yapping about the same kind of lunchtime gossips and politics.
  • Bad-mouthing the bosses for their biased or partial managerial strategies.
  • Cursing the clients for their immature decision making techniques.
  • Cringing over your better performing (especially opposite sex) counterpart.
  • Sticking an ear to the mobile phones and muttering something or the other, useful or useless, meaningful or meaningless, needful or needless for almost 24X7.
  • Fake smiles, Fake sincerity, Fake honors, Fake promises and Fucking Fake everything.

Not that any of these are ever a part of the Government Service, I would rather say otherwise. But its all about the endurance with all these formidable occurrences on and off and still going good after forty dear long years..

For all of us know, Service in Government makes one encounter all those filthy rats of corruption that go berserk when caught under the desk or recede into thin air unnoticed when wedged awkwardly in a litigation. With all the pressure situations and mounting political influence ruling the roles of the key officials who directly report to the so called “Government” it’s a tough task to abide and stand still without falling apart. And thanks to the almighty that my dad maneuvered a brave demeanor on all occasions in all these years.

OMG! I can’t even imagine my stature with old age reckoning and taking-over me when I am 50 odds aged, let alone not losing the strive to work, that too the with the same mind-numbing, same tedious, same boring, same mundane, same dreary, same hopelessly unexciting job!

Hats off to my Appa for his determination and the ever green sense of perfection towards his work!

May the force be with him, to keep him going at it; as long as he wishes! :-)

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