Wednesday, July 11, 2007

"Final chance to hear yourself on Radio Mirchi!"

That's what the subject of the email that landed in my outlook inbox this morning read.
Our firm was recently acquired; in polished terms or bought; in raw words, by a technological, consulting and outsourcing giant of Information Technology Sector.

Well, after having enslaved us as underdogs, heres what they are doing.....

They have made us loose our identity and are now throwing biscuits randomly at air and have given us a new life... where in we are all trained/not-so-trained dogs tied to their respective poles and are expected to grab the biscuits to be caught and eaten appropriately.Failing in which we might be sacked? thrown-out? fired? given a pink-ticket? produced a termination-notice?

Wait, don't they all mean one and the same?!

What are we to ga-ga about the integration now and that too on air?

That we aren't happy about our integration?

When minions are taken over by techno-giants... this is what happens... They make you look like fools... they take-away your visiting cards... they take-away the email id that you are accustomed to for nearly how-many-ever years that you were with your firm...they take away your name plates... they take your id-cards... they take-away the intranet site that you were referring to so far for all the information....

What kind of garlic & onions are they expecting from us to be spouted on Radio, after having snatched everything that belonged to us, everything that was ours, everything that identified us, everything that we used and had been with us till yesterday?

This is worse than the feeling of a newly married bride going to her in-laws place after marriage!

Believe me, it sucks!

You haven't quit... but you have somehow changed the firm already?! .. How does that sound one fine day when someone writes back to your email saying..... "Yo, dude! You never told me that you switched job?!"

And I am like, yah... Surprise, Surprise!!

[Grr.... Loathe you, Cheater!! ...]


Ra.Ge said...

Hmm.. I've never been a company thats been acquired, so I cant speak from experience, but isn't it just like getting a new job? A new job in a bigger/better-er company too!

hey, Thanks for putting us on your blog-roll.

dame's diary said...

Hang in there Sal..
Change is sometimes good...

Saloni Ramachandiran said...

@ Ra.Ge: Well ya, It sure is... But I guess it feels weird when you haven't resigned, not attended an interview... But still the firm that you worked for has changed, one fine morning... What can I say now, I am a sentimental idiot!

@ DD: Thanks DD :-)