Tuesday, July 3, 2007

What the heck?!

The creepy craziness is taking over me all of a sudden, slowly swallowing me head-first, when I fight hard against the gashing and tearing grips of the demon thats eating me alive, I feel a strong knot forming in my throat causing no more than a helpless, inaudible croak to emerge out of my mouth when I wish, with all my force to scream for help from this insane demon that's mercilessly preying at me, I hear none... I see none & nothing but darkness all around... no noise but an eerie and sinister sounding creature sneering at me and another gulping me down alive... There I was.... nearing the dawn at the lowest ebb of the world, with distress, pain, misery, gloom and melancholy all singing at high-pitched voices and banging on my head cruelly!

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