Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Money, Money Baby!

WIPRO and other IT companies are planning for 6 days a week job, including saturday. They probably will start this practice with onsite guys.

Those were the first few lines of a FWDed email that I received today with a subject line that read in caps as: "WHATZ THIS?"

Scrolling down the email were couple of links that took me to today's online version of Economic Times,
News By Industry Section.

Another one led to the Times of India's
India Business Section.

Well, with the rising insanity of Indian IT folks to make as much Dollars & Pounds as they can before their age hits mid thirties... this definitely is not a happy news for the Indian Zombies... who are already slogging their way-out to get their posh triple-bedroom apartment in uptown Banjara or a costliest apartment with in an all-new-world by itself - The Lanco Hills - a mega techno-residential township project started in Hyderabad or to invest in a crore's worth Duplex Individual Bungalow on the Pune-Bombay highway!

On a more madrasi term.... To invest in a luxurious and well-appointed apartment with all amenities and clear-title in Velachery or Madippakkam or Pallikaranai or Mogappair West at a throw of a bunch of millions that they make in the Foreign Nation.

* Gone are the days when people were happy owning a Bajaj Chetak or a Hero Honda Passion.

* Gone are the days when kids were happy with riding a BSA SLR or Hero Cycle to their schools.

* Gone are the days when women folk used Corporation Buses as a mode of communication to go to shopping malls or temples or any friends place.

* Gone are the days when people hired maid servants to do the work, ONLY when the woman of the family was ill or away from home.

* Gone really are the days when people actually went to places like Moor Market, Uzhavar Sandhai or Sunday Markets where in you get to buy things at a very good deal on lowest prices.

P.S: The "People" reference in this post is solely and purely meant for I.T folks of this generation with a tad bit of an exaggeration added in for taste. Any resemblance or coincidence to the living or dead kinfolk from other vocational platforms or to anything authentic and genuine in real life will only make my post more credible with added facts!


TLW said...

I didnt know madipakkam / Velachery was such a hot place..it sucks :-)
well u gotto trust me on this ! :-)

Saloni Ramachandiran said...

@TLW: I totally agree with you on the Look & Feel of the place... But I am talking only about the REAL ESTATE RATES in these places that's making them HOT!!!! A land in velachery starts at 50Lakhs & in madipakkam it starts from 35-40Lakhs!!!

dame's diary said...

Simple pleasures are a thing of the past sal...

JollyRoger said...

Hmmm, studied comp sci but ended up in a bank. See millions, but they arnt mine! : )

Saloni Ramachandiran said...

@ DD: Well, I've been in a crazy phase of late.. might take sometime to realize the truth..Wouldn't want to call it the age factor..Thanks for that anyways! :)

@ Jollyroger: Ya, I know.. our client is a bank too, so we see huge amounts in "Dollars" in our customers' accounts online but they are only good to see..Can't even hold them for a while like you do! :D :-)

[If lost, misused or stolen, I'll be SACKED is a different story altogether!]