Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Cataclysmic Manifestation

The odds of using them in the bonafide world are astronomically tiny
To all those geeky, non-geeky,hip,non-hip,posh,not-so-posh heads out there... thou shall not be misled by the hues and cries of the malicious mob trying to entwine your brain cells with frenzied prattle or their hysterical jabbering about the pros and cons & don’t knock your self out....

Life sucks with a mobile phone where in u gotta pay 600 bloody bucks for absolutely nothing but in the name of so called ******* PLAN charges and TAX !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then what the *#$%^&* do I save on ????

How the hell am I to make my bill come with in 800 bloody bucks??
This is getting worse than the most ridiculous thing that can ever get to happen to someone
Ppl say I gain a lot using this so called mobile connection…. hell !!!!!!what am I gaining nothing but unidentified & unknown & ununderstandable charges to be paid in bulk every month like bonded-slavery without a word of explanation about it !
Damn !
I earn..i spend…is okay!!!!!!!!

But spend without enjoying the happiness of spending is too much to bear…I don’t call up my dear ones I don’t use my cell for outgoing calls … still I get so much to pay is tooooooooo very much !!!!!

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