Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Never been good at writing a poem and that too about love of all the things in the world!!!

Spare me if its pathetic which am sure it is....

Once you have loved, you will always love
Because love grooms your whole self,
Into an entirely new person
From what you were before
When you are in love you get possessive
When you are in love you get selfish
When you realize your love is not fruitful
When you learn that your love cannot be reciprocated
When you find out that your love is not going to work out for you
And when you see that your love is taking you no where
It is then that you the feel pain of love
Though you know very well what is to be done
To get yourself out of this pain
Your heart will not listen to your mind
And to know that the one you loved
Cannot love you, but loves someone else
Shatters your heart into pieces
You are at a fix
You neither want to feel bad
Nor can you feel good about it
Yet you cant stop yourself from loving the person
No matter what for love is love – Period!
Its silly to expect someone to fall out of love,
As it never happens so..Love stays – Active or Dormant!
But still lives though – Forever!

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