Monday, September 5, 2005

Doubts in my "Native Language" - Part I

1. Why is a fool called Vennai?
He neither is capable of producing butter nor does he own a butter factory – then where does the English translated word butter fit into this scenario of a foolish guy being called as “vennai”

2. Why is a person who speaks in English called “peter” ?
Neither did a man called peter introduce english amidst tamil population, nor was peter the father of English. So why this name based discrimination?

3. Why is flirting termed as Kadalai?
Neither does flirting produce pea-nuts nor do people eating lots of pea-nuts tend to flirt..then why kadalai?

4. Why are good looking girls called kattai ?
Neither do they have a figure/shape of a wooden stick.. nor do they emerge from wood. Then where did kattai come from?

5. Why is money termed as dhuddu?
I am sorry I can’t make out any references for this word being used as replacement for “kasu” which should actually be used…. If anyone can explain will be happy.

6. Why is a big shot called as pisthu ?
Neither does he produce pista nor does he own a pista factory..then why?
I also wondered was it coined from ppsssst – like ppl who make you go "pppssst" (a phonetic used to represent the highly pissed of state) are called pisthu’s or what?

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