Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Never-Ever did I think that life’s got so many different dimensions to it and with time you welcome it or not each dimension took their turn in playing their role picture perfect with out sparing you at anytime, anywhere.

I am sure that wouldn’t have made much sense as complex & complicated as I can always be with my words, making it all the more decipherable to the ones that have a decent level of patience to go through this all so-hazy and “oh-i-am-here-to-provide-some-gyaan” stuff of mine !

Thanks to you for going on with an expectation of some change, if not today, some day at the least!

Guess not much have changed with the way I write though, yet quite a lot of thought has been put up on the different dimensions of life that I mentioned of.

Yes, true that time changes human kind.

It is very true that with time, space and a bit of extra energy to put up a frequently updated chart on things to do & things not to do … a lot of things differ from what it was before and what it is now …

People change is the bottom line.

Do people change for good or bad is not the question, as it is left to the individuals desire fully to choose what they want to possess as they grow up ahead in their life from no one to someone.

And for sure, there’ll be a time when the someone will have to be the ONE - looked upon by everyone and that day, when you take sometime of yours to review the past that was committed to your memory(if u had chose to commit!) then that would make you the master of wisdom. that would in turn mean that you have learnt,lost,missed,achieved,won,smiled,cried,seen pleasure,experienced misery…and what not?

Time is the best HEALER
Time is also the best TEACHER
Time is the best MEDICINE

Time is again your worst enemy

But make sure u play along with the TIME so that you don’t let it lead you and you remain a loser!
Be the best enemy of Time!
Challenge the time – Make sure you win all the time!!

Time must be under your control, when u let the vice versa happen – decide that you are the loser for sure and STOP trying even – cos it’s of no use anymore as you’ve lost the game already!

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