Monday, September 5, 2005

Frustration at its Peak!

I was wondering what was happening to me on that not-so-rainy but so-very-breezy evening when I was at the best of my mood swings.
I was very irritable at that moment and as a result of which I could sense my inane habit of throwing and dropping things that come my way or things my hands could lay on was going a bit overboard!

And all the more evasively people had to end-up doing a stretch therapy with my already long-enough legs.
It was so intimidating that day for me when I realized that nothing I tried to do was fruitful since the day had dawned in with the all-so-favorite room mate of mine blowing out her horns to declare the already known painful fact which woke me up from my otherwise extended sleep – POWER CUT!

I Said “oh ye?..thanks for the reassurance im still into my senses to look & feel!”

She walked away with a dejected face.
Well that’s a routine to her by now, with her highly illogical declarations of matter-of-factly things and giving out exaggerated explanations to trivial things.

It feels so sick that people are so idiotic at times that they get u on your nerves with their highly moronic behavior and the more sardonic u are to them the more cacophonic they make your life with their idiosyncrasy!

Feeling already blissful for the day I gather myself up from the bed to freshen up and proceed to the rest room only to figure that there is not even an ounce of water left in the buckets or the slimmest of water droplet sticking to the mouth-of-the-tap.
Highly pissed…at this scenario where I am to go to the loo peacefully to regain my sleep which was on hold due to the jerky wake caused by my wonderful roomy!

Cursing her under my breath I went down to switch on the motor groggily and was startled totally with my eyes fixed upon the switch and mouth gaped open with utter shock…..

THE SWITCH WAS ON BUT THERE WAS NO “GRRRR” SOUND COMING OUT OF THE GODDAMNED MOTOR – which means POWER CUTTTTTTTT it was now that the strong effect of power cut had registered on my mind bellowing the bare fact of what my irritating roommate declared so loudly sometime ago!

“Shit man!!!!!!” – I thought… Well it really was a shitty state of affair as it is when I am just out of bed and lots of u-know-what’s are to be done with my rest-room and lots of water….

Now, this is not fair…What the heck am I to do ????

With all my anger I came storming up to my room with nothing prospective or useful to do, with the hope of snoozing-off again…
On my way, I kicked something very hard… with all the blur and grumpiness running faster than the blood running into my veins…I looked back to see what I shoved away to the invisible goal post with all my early-morning-anger-driven-energy…and there it was shattered into pieces of uncountable or unidentifiable fragments….tittering pathetically for the strong wind ( which was blowing outside with full force now as if to welcome my current achievement) was the pair of rim-less, glass-less, frame of my goody-goody roommate’s spectacles!!

Holy shitttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How can I do that…shit….i go up to the mess and pick it up and start scrutinizing the frame with what’s left over of it…

She’s upstairs talking to her friend over phone…when she comes back I am to be killed…
Gracious god… show some mercy on me… All my grogginess has been wiped out cleanly now with an intense terror seeping inside my heart with a sinking pain…how can I do this to was a Sunday and the village we lived in did not promote such exclusive ideas like keeping the optical shop open on public holidays like that of Sundays!
And she cannot live with out her glasses…

The last thing I ever wanted to do to my favorite roomy who always cared for me was to damage her 3rd and 4th eyes!

Damn… so ricocheting on what can be done best to cover-up the damage done I was back on my bed with thoughts….and within no time I was into deep sleep, slashing & gashing and garrulously yelling at the dementors who came out of nowhere in the Forbidden forest where I am walking with Harry and his hippogriff as we are just about to take off to see Albus Dumbledore who’s actually not dead but is alive in the cave where Lord Voldemort’s horcrux was found !

I wake-up sweating all over and feeling fatigue having had an exhausting encounter with the dementors and also winning harry’s heart in the process being the best fighter in women – better than Hermione …No-No! Better than that damsel Harry’s in love with what’s her goddamned name I say – oh yeh…. Miss Ginny Weasley! – BB !!!!!

So much for a bad day……huh-oh…gotta be cheesing up my sweetie-pie roomy whose glasses I smashed!

Hmmm…GoD sAvE mE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ColdFire said...

me: i think you misunderstood me. no, let me rephrase. i think i deserved to be misunderstood because i did not separate the 'know someone through their writing' issue in another paragraph. it got nothing to do with your blog. the statement IS prejudistic because i know some aries women who bitch like fuckstress. sorry.

Saloni Ramachandiran said...

ColdFire: Hmmmmm...okies.